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Since there are no actual arc names I might just come up with some arbitrary ones that fit the arc so as to continue the trend. Or if people prefer I could also just . Written by Shi Luo Ye (originally on fruchbabefonbei.cf) Translations done at Gravity Tales by Ciel. Please think about visiting the translators site! Volume 1 & Volume 2. Zhan Long Li Xiao Yao left S.W.A.T to become an ordinary security guard. While working, he happened to enter the VIP room and found Lin Wan.

Do you know how to use guns effectively? Of course, Im experienced in both long range combat and near range combat. Can you use a sword?

Yes, Im experienced! Good, then lets see your skill in using a sword.

Saying that, Lin Feng raises his broadsword, eyes full of contempt. The two bodyguards brought a large cement tile over. The tile had a steel bar in it as well, but luckily it already started to rust. Lin Feng smiled, saying: One slice of the blade to cut it in half, can you do it? Saying that, his blade swung down and the sword made a loud clang sound. The cement tile split into two and fell to the ground. Leader Wang praised him: Excellent, excellent.

Li Xiao Yao, its your turn to try. I walked up nonchalantly, receiving the brand-new sword from Lin Feng. Smiling, I swung the blade down. Lin Feng looked a little shocked, saying: Good, lets carry on then! Lin Tian Nan said otherwise. Third Brother, you dont have to test anymore. Li Xiao Yao is way stronger than you. Big Brother, what do you mean?

Lin Feng was puzzled. Lin Tian Nan walked forward, pointing at the blade. He then responded: Third Brother, although you did indeed slice the cement tile in two, your blade chipped a little. Look at Li Xiao Yaos sword. Its the exact same material, but after he cut the tile in two, his was perfectly fine. Do you understand the difference between the two of you now? Lin Feng was stunned. Why is this? Lin Tian Nan smiled slightly and replied: You used brute force to slice the material in two.

He, however, controlled the blade with his internal energy, allowing it to flow into the blade and split the tile into two. It wasnt actually the blade of steel that sliced the tile, but his internal energy.

Do you understand? Li Xiao Yao, since you were introduced by Leader Wang, I dont have to check your morals and qualities. Tomorrow, youll accompany my daughter and enrol in Liu Hua University.

Since shes attending her first year, youll be a first year as well. Ill send someone to help you admit into the university this afternoon.

Mister Lin, Im already 25 years old, dont you think its unsuitable for me to join as a Year One student? Theres no problem, you might have the vibe of an elder, but you can always have a young heart!

Just like that, we left the training grounds, my Xiao Hei still on hand. Sitting in the police car, Leader Wang instructed: Liu Hua University is a renowned upper-class university, to be honest its really expensive. Ill tell you first, your school fees are all handled by our departments resources.

However, if you finish the semester with 7 red marks1, you can expect your death! I felt remorseful for accepting. I dont want to continue this life any more Theres no escape, if you break your promise, Ill ensure youre locked up for 10 years! Since it was a new job, I was still feeling unaccustomed. Ill just find an apartment near the university.

Whatever happens, I will deal with it as it comes. Carrying my luggage with me, I walked up to the front of the university. From afar, the school environment looked pleasing. Xiao Hei in hand, I walked around the campus grounds before entering one of the housing districts beside the campus.

I looked around a bit before seeing an advertisement on an electricity pole. Dialing the number, I soon found myself knocking on the door of the apartment. Not long after, a kg woman walked out and smiled happily. Youre looking at the apartment right, come in! The moment I entered, I knitted my brow. There were melon peels all over the living room, which was fine. However, the really disturbing part was there was a used Durex condom lying on the floor. The first thing I thought of was disgusting.

Really disgusting! Whats the condition at night like here? Is it noisy? I questioned. I must be careful about this. The previous situation was unbearable, it was as if there were mentally challenged before living there. Especially since everyday, I hoped that the 34D beauty was my next-door neighbour.

What I got was a pot-bellied old uncle who played the Er Hu2 until 3am in the morning! It was still bearable last week, but this week it turned into something horrible! Everyday I worked morning, afternoon and night shifts. When I returned home, I still had to endure the pestering of this stupid old man. If the ocean could wash away my worries, I hope it will wash away this old man first. Delved deep into my thoughts for awhile, the landlady brought me back to reality by saying: The conditions arent too bad, it isnt that noisy.

You should enter the room and see for yourself. I nodded my head and entered the room. Just as I entered, I could hear the squeaking of a bed next door. There were occasionally moans from a woman as well. As I listened to it, my face flushed a full spectrum of red. Im sorry I cant handle it since I havent had a girlfriend yet!

How much do I have to pay? I asked.

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Three-room flat, the final apartment as well, Ill charge Ill take a 3 month deposit on top of that, so a total of RMB! The landlady replied. I shake my head: Thats too much isnt it? Look at the state of this place. You still want to charge a month? This place costs this much, even if you go to other places to look, youll still get this price. Its not expensive at all, think about it yourself. If you dont want it, Ill give it to someone else instead. Knitting my eyebrows, I walk up to the window.

Once I lifted the curtains, I saw a nude woman happily humming in the opposite building. Immediately I turned around and said: Ill take this place! The next morning, I casually woke up, got dressed, and carried a small bag out. Ill use this place as a home for now. When I reached the school gate, there were already tons of people around. My phone sounded. It was Leader Wang, asking me to wait at the right side of the gate for him.

Meeting up with him, I looked at the crowd and asked: Leader Wang, about the person I need to protect, what kind of person is she exactly? Leader Wang smiled deeply, answering: Im not too sure, but according to rumours, Lin Tian Nans daughter is super beautiful, even more so than those stars on TV! I nodded my head. Thats good Soon after, a Lincoln stopped by and a female student exited the car, surrounded by several bodyguards.

She entered the school grounds from quite a distance away. The man walking in front was a man I knew.

It was Lin Feng. As the crowd made way, a beautiful girl wearing a short skirt walked up, tugging a luggage. Her long hair fluttered in the wind. A beautiful and captivating face appeared from within the crowd, and very quickly, she garnered the gazes of the crowd. She widened her pair of precious eyes, staring at me sternly. So it was you My body trembled a little and my heart clamoured: How in the world could it be her again? The person I need to protect, its 34D Goddess again!

Im done for, this life is over for me. Lin Feng smiled, saying: Oh, you guys know each other? Li Xiao Yao, this is the person you need to accompany in the University, its my elder brothers precious gem, Lin Wan Er! Wan Er, come and meet the new student! Lin Wan Er walks forward, dragging her luggage as well.

Her short skirt fluttered in the wind and her mystifying snow-white pair of legs was exposed. Her face brimmed with a large captivating smile, and she happily sounded: Li Xiao Yao, nice to meet you. This one line of formality was supposed to sound pleasant, and yet I could only hear the faint sounds of a murderer.

Its August and the days are supposed to warm, yet my entire back was shivering. My god, my future is gone. Nodding my head, I say: Wan Er, nice to meet you Come on, lets go register. She grabbed my collar and dragged me to administration. At the same time, she stole glances of the black bag in my hands, asking: Whats this? Its my dining partner! Okay, Im fine now, you guys can go back now. Third Uncle, you can leave as well! Since I havent studied in a university before, she helped a great deal.

Chinese department, Li Xiao Yao. When the teacher-in-charge raised his head, his jaw dropped. Saliva spewing, he said: Oh, youre are placed in the first female dorm, do you need me to show you the way? Lin Wan Er smiles, her eyes wide and sparkling: Theres no need. Can you tell me Li Xiao Yaos dorm number?

Ill have him accompany me and I should be able to find the way myself. The teacher-in-charge wiped his saliva, saying: Li Xiao Yao is placed in the second male dorm, you two are quite close together. Oh, thanks, teacher-in-charge.

Lin Wan Er, please leave me a message Entering the first female dorm block, Lin Wan Ers dorm room was on the fourth floor.

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Seeing as there was no one, I carried her bags up the stairs, helping her place her things down. After that, I say: Miss Lin, you should give me your number so its easier to contact you. After swapping numbers Lin Wan Er opens her suitcase. She took out two helmets, one white and one red. She took the red helmet and passed it to me, saying: Here, this is for you.

I was shocked. This this is the Destiny headgear right? Lin Wan Er replied: Dad says to let you play this game as well, so you can watch over me in the other world too. You should understand already, right? I nodded my head, taking the helmet.

Then, I asked: Miss, do you hate me? Lin Wan Er bit her lips, looking deeply into my eyes, both of her arms folded. Her twin peaks showed, and she smiled, saying: This question, Im not too sure of how to answer so Ill answer you with my actions in the future. Go on, go back to your dorm. Exiting the female dorm, I held the red helmet tightly in my hand. Its a limited edition one too! My heart fluttered as I thought: Damn it, who cares if you hate me or not, my path to conquering Destiny cannot be blocked!

The content was pretty simple hell let me get close to Lin Wan Er to protect her. Moreover, I am to get rid of any male in the entire school who tries to lay their hands on her, no questions asked. If not, I should inform him immediately. Of course, he purposely stressed the last sentence, which was to never hold any feelings for Lin Wan Er.

At the same time, he felt that Lin Wan Er would look down on me any way so there was no need to bother. This hurt me a fair deal.

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Liu Hua Universitys dorms were fairly decent. Each room was supposed to be shared by two people, and blankets, daily necessities and other commodities were given to us in a set.

Sitting in the large bedroom, I finally realised why Leader Wang was so uptight about the school fees there was no way this school term costed anything less than a few ten thousands. At dinner time, I went to the female dorm 1 alone.

Not long after, Lin Wan Er came down, followed by a girl in a green dress. She was pretty, at least pretty enough to steal a few glances in a large crowd. Too bad shes standing next to Lin Wan Er, who was far beyond comparison. From afar, I thought: this girl made friends too recklessly! After the two girls stopped in front of me, Lin Wan Er shot me a glance before saying: Come on, lets go eat! I kept my mouth shut, saying nothing at all.

My status here constantly reminded me that I wasnt part of the rich families that could send their children here. I was hired to be a bodyguard for her.

Surprisingly, the beautiful girl next to Lin Wan Er keep looking at me strangely. She has told me everything. Im her roommate, Dong Cheng Yue. Nice to meet you! I shaked her hand, nodding and smiling. Nice to meet you, Dong Cheng1. How old are you, Xiao Yao? Dong Cheng Yue suddenly asked.

I shivered a little: 21 Considering how you look, that cant be true, right? I tightly clenched my fists: Fine, Im Thats not true either, you definitely look like you send your children here instead. Whats there to tease about this boring guy?

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Lets quickly go and eat so we can prepare a little earlier. Tomorrow Destiny officially releases, and we need to rush to the number one spot quickly! Dong Cheng Yue smiled happily, saying: Okay, okay. I smiled sarcastically, replying: You praise me too much, Dong Cheng. Which restaurant should we eat at? Number 1! The two beautiful girls were in front of me, talking about school-related topics in high spirits, happily laughing and smiling. Lin Wan Er finally let out a smile.

From the side, I snuck a peek and my heart fluttered a little. She looks really good when she smiles. The two of them wanted a Western-style dinner, while I ordered two servings of omelette rice and one serving of Xie Huang Geng2.

This only happened because Lin Wan Er took out her gold credit card and paid for all the food. Thank god I dont have to pay for my food while working as a bodyguard. I could save the money from my salary to download Xiao Lang, Lao K and Hu Li the helmets so we could enter the game world together and rebuild our Zhan Long office. Once again, we could gain fame and glory! I nodded my head, saying: Yea, my gamer ID is , its relatively early isnt it? Lin Wan Er puckered her lips.

Dad made people line up for days to go get the helmets, so obviously its early. We actually wanted to send that helmet to someone as a gift, but that person already downloadd it, so youre lucky this time. Dong Cheng Yue smiled, asking: Xiao Yao, have you played any games before?

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Its called Conquer which I played before. Oh, really? Dong Cheng Yues beautiful pair of eyes widened in surprise, saying: Ive also played Conquer before, what were you called and what rank were you in the server-wide rankings?

I replied fearlessly: Forget about the name, I myself cant even remember clearly. I only remember being placed at about 3,,th rank!

Arent you a below-average player then? She said: Wu, then then do you mean that the limited edition helmet I passed to you was wasted? Damn, what a pity Dong Cheng Yue, while smiling, lightly hit Lin Wan Ers shoulder and said: Everyone has some self-respect, dont put it that way Xiao Yao, well be playing Destiny together, what plans do you have?

Out of the five races and nine classes, which one will you choose? Well to be honest I havent looked at any information yet. I replied. Lin Wan Er got a little mad. You havent even looked at any information and you still shamelessly accepted the helmet I gave? I smiled wryly and said: Theres not much to worry about, if I just go online and read about the races and classes, Ill naturally know what to choose.

Dong Cheng, why dont you tell us about the races and classes? Dong Cheng Yue seemed to be a game addict, and she recalled religiously: The five races are humans, wind elves, barbarians, undead and moon elves3, the barbarian being the strongest class in terms of power. The wind elves are great at long distance combat and the moon elves are the best at prolonged fights. The humans are the most average of all the five races, but they can choose any class.

I nodded my head: What about classes? Dong Cheng Yue blinked her eyes, before smiling and saying: The nine classes are swordsmen, spiritualists, berserkers, knights, assassins, healers, marksmen, archers, and monks4. You should be able to tell from the names of the classes what their jobs are since youve played before. Oh yea, what class and race are you going to select?

I take in a deep breath before saying: Thats easy. Ill select a support class, one that can heal. I guess Ill select the healer? Thats the one they nicknamed the breast milk class5?

Dong Cheng Yue smiled widely: Yeah, the healer can heal others, its definitely going to be a popular class. I thought you were going to choose something like a swordsman, knight or a berserker, those kinds of classes.

I heard that most of the boys in our class are going to choose those violent classes. As she said this, she looked over to Lin Wan Er mischieviously and said: Wan Er, theres a guy whos willing to play the support class for you, you should just go ahead and marry him. Lin Wan Er replied with no expression at all, saying: If you want to, you can go ahead and do so yourself. Im not happy with this at all. Li Xiao Yao, Im interested to see how you survive the early stages of the game by picking the healer class.

Picking a support class as a guy, Ill see how well you fare! Of course, I understood what Lin Wan Er meant. The healer had no attack power at all, and you definitely need someone to carry you in the early stages of the game.

If a girl picked it, she could just stand at the beginner village and ask sweetly: Brother, wont you help me level? Definitely, some guy would help her. If a guy picked it, unless you were those super handsome Korean stars, you definitely would be sitting there alone hitting things with a wooden rod.

However, my heart was prepared and wasnt afraid of that at all. Lin Wan Ers lips pursed a little. She did not said anything and seemed as if she still doesnt fully trust me.

Dong Cheng Yue on the other hand warmly said: Ive already decided to be a spiritualist a class that loses out in terms of pure strength. Its Destinys version of a magician. Wan Er decided to be an assassin, so we could alternate between short and long distance combat and get levels that way. We should be able to rush for the top soon! I nodded my head, saying: Mm, good luck to you guys! After eating dinner, we exited the dining room and casually strolled outside.

There were lots of students heading in our direction. A few minutes later, a guy suddenly pointed at us as if he saw ghosts, and yelled loudly: I I havent seen wrongly, have I? That girl isnt that Lin Wan Er, the star that five months announced ago she was quitting the entertainment industry?

After that, several guys turned to look our way, and some nodded: Yea! That really is Lin Wan Er! Several male students suddenly rushed forward, and one in particular shouted: Lin Wan Er is that you? We could we take a picture? Im your greatest fan, and I really loved your [Heart of Time] piece!

Lin Wan Er looked a little embarrassed, softly saying: Im sorry, I already quit. I only want to study here normally from now on. Whish I quickly stood in front of Lin Wan Er, my arms spread out wide, holding several guys back. I smiled and said: Im sorry, but Miss Wan Er doesnt want to be disturbed, so please respect her decision as fellow schoolmates!

One guy got enraged, saying: Who in the world are you? Is this a place where you can speak? Get lost! I did not speak a word, but I jerked my arm a little, and hu the sounds of a few guys stepping backwards could be heard. Each one of time stood there, a little afraid. They didnt even understand how they got pushed back.

Coldly standing there, I didnt say a word. Lets return to the dormitory? Lin Wan Er was standing below the female dorms, when she suddenly looked at me and said: Li Xiao Yao, tomorrows breakfast and lunch will be sent to our dorm directly, you dont have to come. At 12 noon tomorrow Destiny opens so dont disappoint me. I understand. I nodded. Only after seeing Lin Wan Er did I myself leave. Walking on the pathway connecting our dorms, I wiped the sweat off my forehead.

I dont know what job she had, to actually have so many hardcore fans. The journey ahead of me will be long and arduous! Entering the bedroom, I opened the door only to find a diary on the table. There was a guy sitting on the bed on the opposite side of mine. Theres no need for much guessing, this should be my roommate.

My roommate raised his head, his thick glasses reflecting light into my eyes. He smiled and said: You must be my roommate, Li Xiao Yao right? What i'm saying? If i didnt read this novel i'll not discover the website Wuxiaworld,gravitytales,xianxia etc! I'm grateful to this novel! It was good It went down FAST after that.

A cleric with a sword solo PK's three people out of a man party, while on lower level no less, escapes and somehow manages to kill the rest with environment. This single instance killed the series for me. Sadly weakly written. Feels a lot more like an author insert fanfiction, plot is interesting and the deveolpment of the game world is gripping enough to read to chapter 30 so far Came back to say the writing quality sucks one more time Chapter update Pretty gripping actually, its rather predictable but still interesting.

If you wany to like this work skip the real life parts, the combat reads like some chuuni fanfiction and its disgusting Chapter update Its been noticable but the charter relationships both in real and vr are pretty crappily written, though its pretty standard considering the harem tag Last updated on December 1st, , 3: Well WuxMan said allready everything that bothered me.

It starts out pretty good and the real live issues aren't that bad but somehow after reading up to chapter it got repetitive and boring. Spoiler mouse over to view. Pretty Decent. Zhan long is a pretty good novel if you don't want to bother with too many description and annoying background. The story is great, oriented more toward PvP than PvE which is a change compared to other Vrmmo novel. Interesting MC with a big sense of pride.

Great start, slowly gets average and pervy. Great start of this novel. It will really have you routing for the MC and everything is honeymoon phase. Then once you get to know each other the author decides its a good time to kick perviness up 5 levels. More and more descriptive about how the MC is looking at these girls bodies and thinking about doing xxx with these girls. He never actually gets any action, just becomes a teenage boy going through puberty all over again.

Turning stuff like a girl wearing a seatbelt into soft core p0rn. To make things worse The main girl can read minds, which came out of nowhere. However the main question being on how if she could read minds, why was she such a bad judge of character at the start who never stopped any people with bad intentions and knew nothing the MC was hiding, even had conversations about this amazing player as the MC THOUGHT "thats me", but she still never caught on with her mind reading It's enjoyable and easy to digest wish fulfillment.

A tad heavy on the Chinese culture, but there's enough tension to keep you interested. However, if you are looking for an engaging story, go else where. The only engaging thing about it is how often Xiao Yao hero engages in being awesome and pining over Wan Er heroine.

Anyway, the main character obsesses over the main female character a lot. A LOT. Heck, it's actually sort of funny how reliably his brain goes down the toilet and he starts gushing internally over her.

But like I said, the story is meh.

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It only exists to give the two of them chances to show off, so turn off your brain. Asian VR-Game Novel.

The plot and pacing appear to be steady, but it suffers from the same problem that all the other series in this category have. The Main character is a poor, average looking read: Girls seem to throw themselves at him, which he tends to ignore, and he makes a major enemy that irrationally hates him.

I like reading how the MC get level UPs, new equips, interesting quest and how he succeeds. I know that some people find exactly that elements annoying but it still works for me. Zhan Long is still interesting for me and I hope it keep up for a while longer. He treat the women in the story objectively and decide on their worth based on their looks. Extremely annoying! Even that mindset that he is always right and that part:Feels a lot more like an author insert fanfiction, plot is interesting and the deveolpment of the game world is gripping enough to read to chapter 30 so far Came back to say the writing quality sucks one more time Chapter update Pretty gripping actually, its rather predictable but still interesting.

Wan Er decided to be an assassin. What has happened to the youths of today? Lin Feng was stunned. I typed the letters in — Miss. Especially since everyday, I hoped that the 34D beauty was my next-door neighbour. Dont tell me its that old geezer? Glasses boy looked at me. This is a good read.

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