Download full-text PDF Quantitative investigation of the Zeeman and Paschen- Back effects of The hyperfine Paschen-Back Faraday effect. Paschen-Back Effect. In the presense of an external magnetic field, the energy levels of atoms are split. This splitting is described well by the Zeeman effect if the . Z. Phys. A - Atoms and Nuclei , () Atoms Zeitschrift fi3r Physik A and Nuclei 9 Springer-Verlag Zeeman- and Paschen-Back-Effect of the.

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Abstract. The molecular Paschen-Back effect (PBE) lacks a detailed de- scription since the problem was first addressed by Hill in However, many diatomic. The Paschen–Back effect (PBE) for a quantum system under a strong In this Letter, we consider Hadronic Paschen–Back effect (HPBE) for hadronic Download high-res image (KB) · Download full-size image. Fig. 1. These are the energies of the states in the Paschen-Back effect, so you can now draw them on your graph paper. Leave a gap of a couple of.


Kuzmychov , S. Nakayama, S. The type of splitting I have described starts to break down when the energy separation of the states of a level becomes comparable to the separation of the levels within a multiplet.

The following is a model of the changes in the pattern if the magnetic field were strong enough to decouple L and S. We carried out quantum mechanical calculations to obtain the energy level structure of the electronic-vibrational-rotational states considered both in the absence and in the presence of a magnetic field.

Beahn, T. Employing these results and solving numerically a set of the radiative transfer equations for polarized radiation, we calculated Stokes parameters for both the individual lines and the 0,0 band depending on the strength and orientation of the magnetic field.

The resulting spectrum would be a triplet with the center line twice the intensity of the outer lines.

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