Tips and Tricks for Knitting Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket Baby . Premie bsj jacket, pattern in pdf Premature Baby, Free Knitting, Baby Knitting. After reading so much about EZ's Surprise Baby Jacket, I was curious so I starting searching the internet. After finding . pdf Baby Surprise Jacket Row Keeper. Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket. Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby knit this iconic sweater and see what all the fuss is about. Once you knit one, you' ll.

Baby Surprise Jacket Pdf

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Available in several books, or as an updated pattern, and now an ebook from Schoolhouse Press. From Schoolhouse Press: Elizabeth. The Baby Surprise Jacket was designed by Elizabeth Zimmermann in and remains a popular baby garment to this day. It is an excellent pattern for making. The ABC-SJ (Adult, Baby, Child's Surprise Jacket). Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket has truly proven to be timeless, growing in popularity since its.

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Baby Surprise Jacket

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Reviews Be the first to review this product. Your Cart. You have no items in your shopping cart. Wish List. Please sign in to see your wishlist. Looking for Knitting Tips? Search our Newsletter Archives. It is a good thing I quit my 4" wide gauge swatch when I did, and was not more cavalier in expending yarn to make it longer.

That yellow length of yarn off to the right is a slight concession I made. I sacrificed a bit of length so the optional collar I added could start with pink.

Looking for free pattern for Baby Surprise Jacket

I also made the collar a few rows longer so it would come out edged in the lilac. I picked up the stitches for the collar from the wrong side, rather than from the right side as is the norm, so that there would not be a ridge at the inner back that could irritate the baby's neck when she wore the sweater.

Technically, the added collar makes it a two piece knitted garment but, since the collar is optional, I think it still qualifies as being a one-piece design. The entire sweater was knit on straight, not circular, needles without ever having to break the yarn. My daughter has had a best friend through middle school, high school, college, weddings, and motherhood.

This sweater is intended for that friend's almost one-year old baby girl. The baby's mom is also a knitter so I think she will get a kick out of this garment's construction, as well as enjoying the sweater itself.


I have my fingers crossed that this BSJ is not too late in coming and already outgrown. If so, and if her mom lets me know, I would be happy to make another in a larger size. It was an interesting challenge, sort of like a mystery sweater, and it was fun!

Stripes worked in this section fall across the ends of the sleeves and across the full width of the back The baby surprise jacket after working the neck shaping This photo shows my BSJ after working the neck shaping. Stripes worked here will fall down the front of the jacket and across the hips.


Lengthening the Sleeves There are many ways to lengthen the sleeves on a baby surprise jacket. Blouson Sleeves Baby surprise jacket with blouson sleeves To knit a BSJ with longer sleeves you will need to cast on using a long tail cast on.

This will make the ridge where you pick up the stitches to lengthen your sleeves totally invisible on the right side of the knitting. Cast on an extra 9 stitches on each side a total of sts and place your first marker on the 45th stitch.

Place your second marker on the th stitch. Row one will begin and end with k43 Row three will begin and end with k42 Row five will begin and end with k41 and so on.

Ez Babysurprisejacket PDF

When the pattern says to increase 9 sts across the end sections just knit without increasing as you already have the extra 9 stitches in place. Continue knitting the pattern as written.

When you have finished knitting the jacket as written in the pattern including casting off , pick up 44 stitches along the end of your sleeve and knit 10 rows. Cast off and sew up your jacket. Collars Fold-Over Collar Baby surprise jacket with fold over collar After sewing the shoulder seams, with the right side facing you, pick up 18sts along the front edge of the neck, up to the shoulder seam, 17 stitches across the back and 18 stitches down the other side of the front.

Knitting isn't so hard… sometimes

Knit 8 ridges 15 rows and cast off.Mascoes the wool shop in Downtown Auckland helped me whenever I got stuck, bless them. Need help decorating my baby boy nursery Following rows are knit to continue the garter stitch effect. Like Save February 26, If so, and if her mom lets me know, I would be happy to make another in a larger size. Also on the updated pattern are insctructions to knit the Baby Surprise Jacket at. Baby is due in June and I have no idea where to begin with the nursery We've also added row by row instructions for the Baby Surprise Jacket.

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