JAMB past questions is available here for free download to all the candidates that are preparing to write/attempt UTME. JAMB English Past Questions And Answers PDF Download Free – Are you looking for the official and updated JAMB past questions and. Preparation they say is the key to success, and if you are a JAMB prospective candidate getting the JAMB past questions and answers is surely.

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Download FREE JAMB past questions and answers in PDF format. Click on any of the JAMB CBT past questions below to download the PDF. If also need FREE. Today, we will be sharing with you all the JAMB Past questions and answers for This article is very important for all interested candidate. Here is a collection of jamb past questions and answers available on fruchbabefonbei.cf jamb. The Jamb CBT Past Questions and Answers in pdf format has just been.

How can previous jamb questions help me in jamb. Sir please can u tell me the important and uses of jamb past questions. The table of content for our todays jamb guide is : What is jamb past question. How to make use of jamb past questions. How to download free jamb pdf past questions. What is Jamb Past Question Many of jamb candidate Is hearing about jamb past question without knowing what it is.

Past question is a compiled questions from the previous jamb examination. We are compiling questions each year after jamb examination.

The same thing will happen this year, after jamb examination we will add the questions to our past questions. Past questions is very important in jamb examination because it helps candidates know how the previous jamb question is.

It is a pitythat many students who have the zeal for excellence after registering in atutorial center go in there and forget what their original purpose is. Don't letyour case be the same. People may criticize a center but that doesn't stop youfrom making a difference. In other words, if they are top scorers, yourcase will not be different. Moreover, birds of a feather flock together. The truth is plain and cannot be covered, we become like those weassociate with.

No one comes into your life and leaves you the way he or she metyou.

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We all are bundle of influences; anyone who is not increasing you isdecreasing you. Therefore, make the right choice of friends. Surround yourselfwith people who are going to lift you higher.

You gain nothing by being withpeople who are just the way you are; you will only encourage one another inmediocrity. But let your association be with those who are more excellent thanyou, your scores will have no choice than to move from poor to excellent.

The destiny and academic dream of many students have been ruined by badassociation. Beware of who it is that hangs around you because they influence 6 Visit www. My dear, it has been 'if you cannot beat them, join them'.

That is the worstadvice you can ever receive from anyone. It is better to be alone than in a wrongcompany. Can you just think of those who top your class in class work, test,exams, and oral answers during classes? Check out their friends and decide whereyou are going to belong.

Here is one of the major secrets in academic association; you keepcompany with those who have the same academic vision and dream with you. Youdon't have a dream of studying electrical electronic engineering while your readingpartners are students that want to study Civil Law or Accountancy.

You will bestuck with your physics problems without any form of help from them no matterhow brilliant they might be. This is because; they have little or no knowledge onthat subject area.

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So, let your reading partners be those who are good in the subjectareas you are going to sit for in these exams. Remember, you cannot travel with successful men and remain a failure.

Finally, on this secret, let these words below keep ringing in your heart. What are they doing to me? Whathave they got me reading? What have they got me watching?

What have they gotme saying? Where do they have me going and what do they have me thinking? Then ask yourself the big question: Is that Okay? Your life does not get better bychance, it gets better by change.

Note: your best friends are those who bring outthe best in you. The secret of definite score is the missing ingredient that has madeyour scores fall below that of the top scorers. These top scorers tap into thissecret and you know what? You help them achieve their objective in thisexercise. Okay, without telling me, you will simply shout at him andsay 'it cannot be done'.

Your reaction and statement will only serve as acatalyst and stimulant that will make Emeka double his time of reading, andfocus in order to prove you wrong. Then if at the release of JAMB UTMEresults and he makes , you will be shocked and you will help him spreadthe news because he told you beforehand that he would make a high score.

Dear, if you must join this league of extraordinary students, then it isparamount that you get to the point of assigning definite scores to your fourdifferent subjects if you are writing JAMB UTME.

Before the exams, some of my classmates would come to ask mewhat my result will look like. I told them I will get a result with 9 A's. My reply was a bit simple. If you will assigndefinite score to each subject you are going to sit in this exam, the result youwill get will dazzle you. One day while I was teaching Mathematics in a Tutorial center, Idecided to share this secret with my students. He 8 Visit www.

When I asked others,majority of them said they will be okay and comfortable with a score of Then we decided to assign definite scores to Princewill's individual subjectand here is the analysis of what he gave me.

Use of English 80Mathematics 75Chemistry 80Physics 74 Total Princewill never knew his real desires because he was hiding underthe umbrella of as a high score. On the release of result, Princewill madea total aggregate score of He was given admissionwithout a struggle. The reason many students pass JAMB UTME but are later denied ofadmission is because they just manage to scale the cut off mark of theirschool of choice.

Therefore set your target high. The truth of the matter is that you will not get if that is your aim, your score will land around or below. But whenyou set your target at or , you are probably going to make a score of and above if you work toward it. This is the secret you've been missing.

There isnothing called impossible, take action and God will take over. Don't letanyone intimidate you because you desire a high score. If they are notcomfortable with the score you just mentioned, they can mind their ownscores.

Never let what they will say make you reduce your standard let itchallenge you to prove them wrong. It's high time you broke the record of this exam beyond repair. Great thoughts are product of great minds.

You are what you think alwaysand you cannot rise above your thoughts. The thoughts of today are therealities of tomorrow. Top scorers have this trait in common: they arepositive thinkers and they dwell on thoughts of success. Your thoughtsinfluence your words and your words create your reality.

Beware of what you think about your exam because they become yourwords and your words will eventually create your reality. Going into the examination period with a belief that you will succeedis a powerful examination strategy. You can become a positive thinker if youhave not attempted it before. Again, stop thinking of those who have written and failedrather let your mind fetch the possibilities that you can make it.

The majordifference between people is in the way they think. Read this short story: A shoe company wanted to expand its sale into Africa. It sent onesalesman to East Africa and second to West Africa. In the place where the first man saw difficulty, thesecond saw opportunity.

Download FUTO Post Utme Past Questions and Answers PDF Free

If others say it cannot be done, take up thechallenge and be the first to do it. Have this mind in you as you prepare 11 Visit www. If you study with your last bloodwithout a belief that you will make it, you will run the risk of failing because yourbelief system controls the activities you do and their outcome. Your belief willaffect the effort you put in for preparation. If you believe that you have what ittakes to pass with a high score, it will prompt you to do your best so you canachieve your dreams.

Don't let your belief system contradict your desires and goal. Then get busy and find out how you can. There are no limitations to the mind except the ones we acknowledge.

You are not everybody, it doesn't matter how many people who say it cannot be done or the number that have tried and failed, your determination to succeed will make a difference. Finally, success is a state of the mind, if you want success start thinking of yourself as a success. You are not what you eat, you are what you think. Such that each time you see it, you will get up and do something about yourtarget. Make the writing very colourful and bold.

You can paste it in the following points. Any time you are idle and you see it, it will remind you to focus and read so as toachieve the target score. It's a visualizing process. And forthis reason, they give up and drop out of school. They don't giveup when they fail; they keep trying until they get it right. Top scorers are just like every other student; the only difference is thatthey have conditioned their mind never to quit in any venture.

When theymake mistake and get knocked down, they quickly get up, get better and getgoing firmly believing that success is just around the corner.

Remember, you are not a failure until you quit trying. That you failed lastyear does not mean you are going to fail this time. You are going to make itwith these principles in play. Many failures are those who gave up earlier. Most people give up just when they are about to achieve success, they quiton the one yard line.

They give up at the last minute of the game, just onefoot from a winning touchdown. If you persist long enough, you will win. Insteadof giving excuses to support why you will give up, give yourself reasonswhy you must make it to the end. Read this story:Oge and Chioma were very good friends. The two graduated from the samesecondary school in the same year and applied to write a university entranceexamination, two of them failed with scores like identical twins and Thecut off mark for their school of choice was They patiently waited for the nextyear and applied again.

Their results were worse than the former. Chioma gotangry and said, if she writes the third time and it doesn't work, she would do 13 Visit www. For three good years, this exam jammed them so hard. A dayafter the release of the results, Chioma checked it online and what she saw left herin a bitter and sorrow mood. She cried and wept and took a rash decision. Herpains were not only that she failed the exams but her classmates were now in level while she struggles to secure admission.

By evening, Chioma's mum cameback from the market only to see the girl she had been toiling to see througheducation soaked in five liters of petrol fuel that she bought ready to burn herselfto ashes. The mum pleaded with her to drop the match box and the match-stick butshe wouldn't listen.

The mother suffered a great shock that led to herdeath within a week. Oge who traveled to stay with an uncle never knew that theresults had been released so she checked hers three weeks later.

In the cyber cafe. Oge returned only to have her joy turned into sorrow asevery gathering of two or three discussed the death of Chioma and the mother. Shecouldn't stop crying. For days, she kept crying and wouldn't eat anything. It waslater discovered that she was not just crying because of the death of Chioma andthe mum, but because the scores of all science students were upgraded two weeksafter the release of the result and the upgrading of the scores had helped them gainadmission into the University of their choice.

But Chioma was nowhere to befound. She gave up at the edge her breakthrough. Her death did not stop the examination from going on the next year. Till today,the exam is still going on annually. The big news is that Oge later got ascholarship to study abroad and she made a first class on graduation. Dear Champion, don't quit trying, don't be discouraged, it is often the lastkey in the bunch that opens the lock.

There are many who have thrown up theirhands when a little more effort, a little more patient would have achieved success. Stay with it a bit longer, the result you are looking for might just be a step aheadof you.

My dear, please don't lose focus of the future while trying to peep into thepast. God's grace will make your effort yield great success this time. If you have notregistered, please do and if have registered without hope of making it, pleasechange your belief. You will make it this time. The achievement of any great dream or goal is always preceded by agreat plan.

He, who fails to plan, plans to fail. Deep and adequatepreparation is inevitable if high score is a target. But Iget surprise when I see them carry a small pocket notebook to class. In thatsmall note, they will write all the class notes on all the different subjects.

If Imay ask, how can you revise with a note that has been written in patches? Itwill slow down your assimilation. Many other students fail to take down note when the class is going onbut watch out for a week to the examination, they will start acting as if theyare very serious. Give more time to the more difficult subjects.

Othermaterials include JAMB calculator or its equivalent and Past Questionswhere you can pick out the questions that relates to the topics you have readfrom the text books, answering the questions on a particular topic will helpyou know how prepared you are for that topic. It will help you understand the nature and pattern of the exam andright approach. Pleasereduce the rate at which you watch television to the barest minimum. This is an exam you write once and for all,why don't you give away pleasure and make it once!

If you want to be outstanding, you must stand out. Top scorers don't do whatevery other person is doing, they separate themselves. Many candidatesspend close to 12 hours chatting on social network.

The surprising thing isthat they do it when the lesson is going in the class.

Many others keep theirphone very close so that it beeps when a friend sends a chat message from téléchargement line in one social network or the other. That is a deceptive way of preparing for an examination.

English Jamb Past Questions & Answers 1978-2014

The standard has been set and you are the one to meet thestandard with adequate preparation. Again, you have to be active, generate examples, create mnemonics, makesummary notes, identify key words, highlight textbooks or add margin notes. Practice with Past Question and time yourself.

Remember, no matter howwell you understand something, without practice, forgetting will occur. Improve your memory by being creative and interested. Try to recallinformation without looking into your textbooks.

JAMB Past Questions Free Download (PDF Version)

I want you to take a strong decision to apply these principles in earlypreparation; it is what has kept top scorers above their contemporaries. It iswithout a doubt that confidence and courage come through preparation andpractice and your today's preparation will determine your tomorrow'sachievement.

My dear, the future belongs to those who prepare for it today. They do those things whichordinary people don't want to do. Note I didn't say cannot do. Top scorersare willing to go the extra mile. When everyone leaves the class for breakand fun, they stay back and do a little extra learning. Obviously, a little extraeffort will also yield a little extra result. If you must take the lead, then you must be willingto take extra steps beyond the stopping point of your mates.

Are youwilling to take that extra step? I have come to understand that the reason we admire greatness isbecause consciously or unconsciously, we recognize that it is achieved byordinary people who gave a little extra.

They did all that was expected of them and a little bit more. If you just stop at doing what every other person did, you will end up likeevery other person. A little extra effort can unleash the ocean ofopportunities you've been looking for. It is high time you started burning themidnight oil. Don't sleep away the night. Excessive sleep is a killer ofdestiny. It makes you wake up to face your examinations unprepared. They invest in text books, past questions, private lessons,motivational books etc.

You will agree with me that the above mention qualities can bepossessed by any person who wants to have them. But most students don'tunderstand it that way. Rather, they shun what should be their priority andchase after things which are not vital to their success. I might not be aprophet, but if I can get the list of your daily habit and activities, I canaccurately determine your success without any other information. You cannot convince me that a student who spends four consecutive hourschatting on a social network daily will emerge as a top scorer.

How can such a person emergewith good grades? Such chances are very slim. If I have just described you,please turn around and make a change.

My dear, you canjoin this league of record breakers. The major reason this principles may not work for you will be if and only ifyou don't take action. Goals are nothing without action. It is good for us tohave dreams but we must know when to wake up and turn those dreams intoreality. Sometimes what keeps us from our miracle is our inability to makemoves. Action orientation is the biggest secret of top scorers. Anytime theylearn a new way of doing a thing, they apply it and people around wonderhow it happened.

It happened because someone did something differently. Words without action are the major assassins of dreams. Getting theseideas should be like sitting on a pin, it should make you jump up and dosomething. Theholy bible enjoins us to take action for the achievement of our dreams whenit said faith without work is dead.

Do you wonder why many students avoiddiscovering the secrets of academic success because deep down, theysuspect the secret may be hard work. Nothing kills a dream like procrastination. It is the grave in whichpremature dreams are buried. The reason many of your dreams did not cometrue can be traced back to the day you procrastinated. Procrastinationexhibits catenation just as carbon atoms in organic chemistry. The one oftoday connects that of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow until yourpassion and desire for your dreams of high score is quenched.

Don't let ithappen this time. Take an unwavering decision to apply all the principlesmentioned in this book and your scores will move from laughable to anamazing turn around. If you have read this book to this point, it is time you acted onwhatever principle you have read from this book.

Do not wait for a perfect time because perfect times never come. Come on, take action God will take over. Just do your bestand God will do the rest.

Make time to pray and time to study. You cannotsubstitute hard work with prayer, yes I believe in miracles but God will helpyou to remember only what you have read. Thus, if you have read nothing,then there is nothing to remember. Great scores are the results of greatsecrets followed by great action. Nothing moves until you move. High scores dance with those who are already on the dance floor.

This might be the opportunity you have been looking for. Make sureyou act on these principles.

Remember the children of Israel, manner felldown from heaven but it did not fell into their mouth. Furthermore, Godgives every bird a worm but He does not throw it into their nest. As youwork on these principles, your desired result is guaranteed.

Anyone who must join this league of top scorers must learn to be focused. Focus is one of the biggest secret of any success. Any student who focuseson a subject, gains enormous mastery on that subject. It is the nature ofhumans to do many things at a time, but students who have always made itto the top in any examination have this particular trait in common: they doone thing at a time.

You need to pick one thing and become a giant in it. Determine what you want and work like mad to achieve it. In life as in football, you won't go far unless you know where the goalposts are. Dare to focus on your dreams and give less attention to others. Ifyou must be a part of this club of top scorers, you must channel your energyto your preparation for this examination.Yarima Kabiru Mar 13, Time spent in communion with God isnever lost.

A very brilliant friend of mine failedJAMB UTME the first time he sat the examination because he shadeddifferent subjects in entirely different columns from where they were meantto be. It is behind,there is a foreground to contend for.

They go into their study room and obtainspeed to overtake. The contents on this website are purely educational and suited for students preparing for the said exams.

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