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We want at least 10 million apprentices in this country ready for jobs of tomorrow, otherwise the industry will not offer them jobs. Apprenticeship, in my view, is a much better option than trying to continuously skill and catchup because by the time you finish the skilling, the dynamics would have changed.

They get young people to learn on the job for six months to a year, and the government pays a stipend. It should not be seen as a fiscal burden, and the government should give as much stipend as needed to encourage this culture.

The next stage of cooperative federalism is competitive federalism. For example, states can be ranked on how effectively their wellness centres are using telemedicine and so forth. The idea is to rank states based on performance. Since the inception of a new vision to lead the travel representation sector, the brand has been globalised by building company systems, implementing professional management structures, pioneering SOPs and adopting best practices.

Thus, creating an eco-system of a management driven organisation, which paves way for enterprise driven ownership as opposed to individual driven ownership. In sync with their new narrative, they consciously re-constructed their client portfolio that positions them to leapfrog their expansion and growth strategy, showcasing them as full services provider.

The company owns a number of intellectual properties cultivated through their business activities over the years.

Added to its investments in technology, the enterprise brings deep knowledge and equity to the marketplace. The organisation is firmly focused on forging ahead by investing in strategic partnerships. In the coming months, the company will be building on its success story, making additional announcements around developments which are afoot to diversify with key alliances and new ventures; these will straddle several geographies with high potential - making Think Strawberries a global player in its domain.

It covers everything from smartphone behaviour to changing consumption patterns online.

That is despite the continuous decline in the average selling price of smartphones. However, engagement with devices is increasing substantially.

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Time spent on mobile, engaging with digital media, is now 3. Digital media engagement through desktop and laptop stands at 2. As a result, there has been a spurt in the number of online long-form video providers, touching tens of millions of paying subscribers in China.

Meeker believes simplicity, speed, and ease of use of new devices are driving digital consumption. The other catalysts include messaging, video, voice and mobile payments. Importantly, the installed base of site Echo, powered by virtual assistant Alexa, grew from 20 million in the third quarter to 30 million in the last quarter of This is creating an efficient product discovery mechanism with most downloaders downloading products after locating them on the social media.

But the report states that traditional digital channels such as email and search will continue to drive bulk of the referrals for the next few years. According to Meeker, this shows that, globally, people are interested in upskilling and open to lifelong learning as tools get better and more accessible. Machine learning, neural networks, deeper learning, and an introduction to mathematical thinking are the top courses in demand.

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Interestingly, North America leads as the region with the highest number of learners, followed by Asia, Europe, South America, and Africa. The artificial meat tastes and feels very much like actual beef. The start-up is printing three dimensional beef by replicating cow cells.

Aleph uses a technology whereby four types of meat cells — muscle fiber, fat, connective tissue and blood vessels — are used to create a complex 3D model of beef. The startup is building its first module, which will be attached to the ISS by It will detach itself once the international laboratory shuts. Unlike the ISS, this will cater to astronauts, researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs and tourists alike.

Outlook Business – May 12, 2018

It will encourage in-orbit research and commercial testing of new technologies by private companies, and promote space tourism. However, its main revenue will be from countries that wish to send their astronauts to space.

Other forms of revenue will be exploration support, scientific research, manufacturing and sponsorships. It will also help the elderly through features such as fall detection, medical reminders and act as a family calendar. It uses Kokam batteries that can help it stay in the air for about 21 hours with a charging time of 10 minutes. It promises to have lower operating and maintenance costs than traditional aircraft.

The founders have devised a way to detect cancer symptoms. The process is essentially like that of a blood test, but instead of testing sugar level and cholesterol, the machine is used for diagnosing symptoms that can lead to cancer. The start-up is looking to expand its technology to look at specific types of cancer in the human body, thereby making its technology more accurate and intensive.

Lilium offers an on-demand service that makes it possible to fly to any location in the city, like a cab service.

It aims at making cities jet-friendly and air travel a part of daily life. This air taxi claims to reduce vehicle traffic on roads and also reduce pollution as the jet does not emit carbon dioxide. Its vertical landing technology makes landing and take off safe and easy. The company is aiming to provide cost-effective pharmacogenomic solutions. The technology can provide personalised prescriptions for patients, ensuring that it does not induce hypersensitivity, hypertoxicity and cutaneous reactions.

Its reactors use a technology that performs photosynthesis on an industrial scale. The technology uses water, CO2 and electricity instead of the renewable power used by plants to convert CO2 into higher energy carbon-based products and a co-product of oxygen. The devices are palm-sized cube structures that can convert CO2 into 16 different products and has the conversion power of over 37, trees.

The start-up is working on larger versions of the device as well. After being tutored by a pathologist, the system uses AI to sort pathological slides that have anomalies from the normal ones. This will save time for the pathologist, who can concentrate on analysing the slides. The start-up also aims to create a database of the slides so that they can be referred to when needed.

Hence, if a slide is similar to previous slides, the life cycle of that person, the impact of the disease and the effective procedures can be predicted instantly. It is a wearable and hands-free camera, which can capture 10 seconds of past footage along with 10 seconds of present footage, producing 20 seconds of video. The camera can be linked to an Android or iOS phone through Bluetooth, following which, the recorded video is directly sent to the phone in low resolution.

However, this video turns into high resolution once the video is saved. Its training database has about 2 billion faces and about 10 billion videos and images as of Apart from security and surveillance services, it also provides software products.

It applies deep learning techniques to radiology and creates AI algorithms that can read medical images and detect diseases, thereby reducing the workload of radiologists. The technology scans the images to provide accurate diagnosis and finally detects anomalies. In the future, the start-up wants to develop software to detect breast and lung cancer.

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The panels use a technology that absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, dehumidifies it, and drains the water out before purifying and adding minerals to it. Depending on the climatic condition of an area, these panels can generate upto five litres of potable water a day. The start-up, thus, claims to remove about 70, plastic bottles from circulation.What we provide are mentors, who could be from the IITs and willing to work voluntarily with the kids in the labs. However, this video turns into high resolution once the video is saved.

The only condition being one has to work remotely for an out-of-state employer.

The jacket had optic sensors connected to a walking stick, to let the users know exactly what was in their immediate vicinity.

Outlook Business chronicles inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs and changemakers who 'conquered the world' with their persistence. Blockchain is also making its way into the world of financial services. What two people could complete in eight hours, a single robot took lesser time to do it. The system achieved Other forms of revenue will be exploration support, scientific research, manufacturing and sponsorships.

The start-up is printing three dimensional beef by replicating cow cells.

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