Lock-Up is the stunning, revelatory debut novel by M. Chandrakumar, based on I've just watched the movie adaptation of this amazing book why can't I download it. Lock-Up: Jottings of an Ordinary Man Paperback – February 10, Lock-Up is the stunning, revelatory debut novel by M. Chandrakumar, based on his own experiences. Start reading Lock-Up: Jottings of an Ordinary Man on your site in under a minute. 'Lock-Up: Jottings of an Ordinary Man is a first person account by a Coimbatore-based auto driver M Chandrakumar who was brutally tortured and maimed inside a prison on a 'case of doubt'. The incident happened about two decades ago when Chandrakumar, in his 20s, was working at a.

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Read more about M Chandrakumar drives an auto, scripts a film on Business Standard. He is the author of Lock Up, the book on which the. Police procedure, as witnessed on India's streets, is a very different beast from what is enshrined in the books of law. It is the unspoken truth. The 49 year old has written six books in Tamil so far, in between being an After the gruelling 15 days in the lock up, Chandran was jailed in.

Tales of these horrors rarely make it out of those grisly confines and into the popular imagination though.

For the most part they are ignored, unquestioningly accepted as a necessary evil that only hurts those who violate the law. However, innocents end up behind bars all too often and Lock-Up: Jottings of an Ordinary Man by M.

Chandrakumar is a first-hand account of how that innocence is systematically exorcised in the process of making criminals out of whoever is handy. Set in a milieu populated by itinerant labourers, shopkeepers, and odd-jobs men, the book tells the story of Nelson, Ravi, Moideen and Chandrakumar—young men living a nomadic existence devoid of comfort but rich in cinema-fuelled dreams. Arrested under absurd, barely intelligible circumstances and charged with nothing in particular, they navigate the unfamiliar and unpredictable insides of the police beast together.

Eventually, a crime is found that suits the suspects and the Kafkaesque machinery of the police station is set in motion in an attempt to make it stick. Brutal beatings in the name of interrogation, already a daily ritual, would now be accompanied by the suggestion that confessing would make the torture stop.

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Want A Beef Fry Recipe? I can never forget those 15 torturous days.

Krishna Iyer. After the gruelling 15 days in the lock up, Chandran was jailed in Guntur for five and a half months.

Life in prison exposed Chandran to a whole new world. It was there that he heard the heart-wrenching stories behind many felonies.

He kept to himself and was intimidating. The man had hacked his wife and her lover to death.Once the beating begins, the person believes it is completely difficult for him to survive this.

Another prisoner was an old man who was there because he had killed a neighbour's chicken that had strayed into his hut. Chandrakumar keeps Akila Kannadasan on the edge of her seat as he recounts his stories In his auto there is a duffel bag stuffed behind the driver's seat with piles of books and manuscripts.

They find it's easier to "confess'' than be beaten to death or be left in a crippled state on railway platforms. It has global relevance because of the police method.

Every so often, his intellect and obvious literary flair shines through the barebones narrative, elevating a particular thought or observation above the events that surrounded it. Dhruv Solanki is currently reading it Dec 11, Feb 08, Arun RanaIndhiran rated it it was amazing. The room, at one point, had so many people that sweat could be seen flowing on the floor, he writes.

Written By Heena Khandelwal.

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