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Anybody Can Learn & Speak English You Just Need To Confident. Put All Your Sincere Efforts & Success Will Be Yours. English Guru Is. English Grammar books Pdf Download Basic and Competitive. E-Books . mejs. download-file: fruchbabefonbei.cf Spoken English Guru App is designed & developed by India's the largest Spoken English Portal fruchbabefonbei.cf, having 1 million+ online students.

By then Blame nks"k nsuk However fQj Hkh Ckpiu Childhood Your place rqEgkjs. Learner lh[kus okyk At this time bl le. Hence blfy. Pretty lqUnj] cgqr Fortune favors the brave. At the moment bl le. Very first lcls igyk Finalize QSlyk djuk Alternative fodYi Asleep lks. Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement. Tired Fkdk gqvk Forehead QksjgSM ekFkk Face Qsl psgjk Palm ike gFksyh Exercise-IV 1.

Eyebrow vkbczks HkkSgsa Stomach LVed isV Eyelid vkbfyM iyd Beard fc. Lips fyIl gksBa Neck uSd xnZu Waist osLV dej Wrist fjLV dykbZ Ear bvj dku Throat FkzkVs xyk 2. Belly CkSyh rksna Head gSM flj Tongue Vax thHk Hair gsvj cky Nail usy uk[kqu Leg ysx iSj Chest pSLV Nkrh iq "k dh Arms vkEl Hkqtk] ckgq 6. Breast czSLV Nkrh efgyk dh Cheek phd xky Knee uh?

Skeleton LdSySVu dadky Feet QhV ryok Ru u djsAa 6. Z djus dk flQZ. Henry Ford tc lc dqN vkids f[kykQ gks jgk gks] rks.

When everything seems to be going against you. I am not a product of my circumstances. The only way to do great work is to love what you do. Dream big and dare to fail. He that has patience can achieve anything that he wants. People will forget what you said. Z gS oks tks pkgs ik ldrk gSA Steve Jobs egku dk. Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

I am a product of my decisions. Exercise — VI 1. Zdkjh Exercise — VII 1. ZVu Ru djuk Benjamin Franklin. Z xzg. M] [kwu[kjkck Certain things catch your eyes. Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing. Opportunities are not always given. Whom gwe fdls] fdlls] fdldks These are: Where os.

In the very first example. Z jf[k. Why ok. Why and Which. Until when vafVy oSu dc rd Why o Which. How gko dSls 6. How much gko ep fdruk ftUgsa fxuk ugha tk ldrk Listen to its pronunciation too. How many gko eSuh fdrus ftUgsa fxuk tk ldrk gS Fact is. When oSu dc] tc 4. By which gun ck. How old gko vksYM fdruk iqjkuk. When so ever oSuSlks. How beautiful gko C. What for oV QkWj fdlfy. At what way. With whom fon gwe fdlds lkFk In which glass bu fop Xykl fdl fxykl esa With which boy fon fop ckW.

For whom QkWj gwe fdlds fy. In what way bu oV os fdl rjg ls About whom vckmV gwe fdlds ckjs esa What then oV nSu rks D. How good gko xqM fdruk vPNk For what QkWj oV fdlfy.

What else oV. Which type fop Vkbi fdl rjg dk] fdl izdkj dk Which so ever foplks. Whatsoever oVlks. Since when flUl oSu dc ls What type of oV Vkbi vkWQ fdl rjg dk Whoever gw. By whom ck. Whatever oVSoj tks dqN Hkh V oV os fdl rjg ls How soon gko lwu fdruh tYnh Where in os. Whenever oSuSoj tc dHkh Whichever fop.

Why so ok. With who people fon gw ihiy fdu yksxa ksa ds lkFk Whereas os. How far gko Qkj fdruk nwj Whosoever gwlks. How many such people gko eSuh lp ihiy. Which sister of yours fop flLVj vkWQ. How much money gko ep euh fdruk ikuh How many hairs gko eSuh gsvlZ fdrus cky At what time.

How many stars gko eSuh LVklZ fdrus rkjs If you face any problems understanding anything at all or you have any doubt or clarification needed. How many brothers of yours gko eSuh cznlZ vkWQ. How many brothers gko eSuh cznlZ fdrus HkkbZ Every single word in a sentence is given a name i. Important Facts: Conjunction la. Interjection foLe. Lesson — 6 Parts of Speech. To understand the sequence of words so that the sentence delivers the correct message.

Verb etc. Pronoun loZuke loZuke dk iz. Noun laKk fdlh Hkh izk. Articles are not considered a separate part of speech. The fact is. What is common in both? They both are mobile.

There are lot many examples as such. This definition is not incorrect but we need to know a little more. They both are boys. Ram and Raju. Even if. Place or thing.

As Since childhood. Corporation etc. People yksx. What is common in them? They all are fans. Hariyana and Bihar. Xykl Glass. In other words. What is common in these? These all are states. A In a sentence.


Now the question is. Subject is either a noun or a pronoun. Just like the first example. Oh yes!. Love is life. As per the rule. There are a few words. Let me tell you. Honesty is in my blood. Thinking so much is not good for health. I read books. Loving you is a part of my life. Paper x. We had told you that the subject can either be a noun or a pronoun.

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Running daily is good for health. Rahul smokes. Two types in another classification Example: A Understand this table through audio lecture to a better extent: Smoking is injurious to health.

Uncountable Noun ftUgsa fxuk ugha tk ldrkA Delhi. Reading is a good habit. Hate etc. I run 5 kilometers a day. In fact.

I think about them. Cow etc. The Noun: Chair etc. It denotes a Female. Actor etc. Brother Woman. Place or Thing. He is my friend.

Ram is my friend. These such words. Ru dfj. His father works with my father. Yours rqEgkjk Our. Reflexive Pronoun Example 1. Mine esjk Your. Mine dk iz. Possessive Pronoun Example 1. My dk iz. A Do it yourself.

Objective Pronoun Example 1. Since Aman is the name of a person. It gives an idea about the amount of water. Adjectives describe a noun or pronoun. Since Ram is a noun. Comparative 3. Positive 2. There are three degrees of adjectives- 1. Dehradun is a huge city. I am taller than you. She is a very nice girl. They are cute. It is a bright day.


They both are in a difficult situation. Miss eryc. You might think of doing no physical work but still you must remember that your brain is functioning. Main verbs dh rhu forms gksrh gSa] dqN egRoiw. Comparative and Superlative. Lr gSaA 2 You left at 4 pm and soon afterwards. Positive Comparative Superlative 1. My God!. Well done!. Oh my God!. Hkkoukvksa dks O. Oh no!. What a tragedy!. Such words or phrases are followed by an exclamation mark! So sorry!.

How tragic!. Dr djus gsrq fd. Interjections may express: Dr djus ds fy. My Goodness!. An and The — These three are called Articles. Pay attention to: The university — n. An vkSj The. Before we start.

If it is true. They are also classified as adjectives because they modify nouns or provide additional information about them. Rahul is at the door. Just imagine. Read the following. A dk iz. A boy ckW. The world. The CEO. The Rawats. The Atlantic. Incorrect All the books are kept on the table. The Moon. The rich. Few Cases: The Khans. The lowest. The Globe etc. Correct Correct All books are kept on the table. The president. The only batsman etc. The Guptas. The poorest etc.

The Nile. The sky etc. The third member etc. The United Kingdom. The youngest. The poor. The Jacksons etc. The Qutub Minar. The Earth. The Republic of Ireland etc. The second occasion. The most. Incorrect I am reading the whole book. I am reading whole book. The young.

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The Philippines etc. The first time. The only friend. The Eiffel Tower. The oldest. The pecific etc. The Lal Quila. Incorrect He is suffering from fever. He is suffering from the fever. Dinner ls igys ugha fd. I live in the India. Incorrect I speak Hindi. There is a saying. The Ram. The India. We request you to practice as much as possible. I speak the Hindi. Read newspapers. Incorrect I live in India. The Delhi.

The noun or pronoun used with the preposition is called its object. I wrote it from the book. I am coming from Delhi. Ram depends on you. I will work from tomorrow. I heard it from Ram. It vkfn ls fy. I am coming from Dehradun. They came from park.

Monkey jumped off the Leaving a surface. Since Monday. I have been working since mnkgj. Move the cup off the jumping from there. He has been trying since 3. We have read it in book. For any purpose 1. He will come home in I was born in January. I left the company in June lqcg esa in the morning ] 'kke esa in the evening For a while dqN nsj ls 4. He has been trying for 1. A money. I did it for you. I live in Delhi. I have been studying for gksrk gS tc Hkh dHkh okD. I found no songs in this mobile.

I will leave in half an hour. He will study in America. He bought a pen for Rs. I gave a mobile for Rs. Police chasing thief. He was unnecessarily after Example — that girl. I was after my professor for getting some help. I reached after them. He is going into the room. Pour the coffee into the cup. I will come before you leave. He was sitting before his dad.

Now I am standing before vkidks rkTtqc gqvk gksxk D. I will meet you after My father has denied thrice but I am still after him. I was standing by him. We will finish it by 2 cts rd] lqcg rdA morning. I travelled by bus. He is coming by noon flight. I cut the cake with a knife. I was stopped by someone. I am with Ram in this matter. He killed the bird with a mnkgj. He wrote the letter with a Perform a task with the help of blue pen.

We will be with you. He will go there at his birthday. This fruit is selling at Rs. I am downloading onion at Rs 20 per kg. I was there at noon. We study at night. I was born at 2. I stayed at a hotel. I will come home at gksyh ij] nhokyh ij] tUefnu ij] ikVhZ esa Diwali.


There is something something that is abstract. I can see inside am this side and you are the other side of through this hole. There is nothing beyond dks Nw. I am able to watch you through a window. Water is passing passage through this pipe. I was passing through cUn gks a street. There is a temple visible beyond this mountain.

My name is above 2. My home is opposite your front of. This train will go to Delhi via Kanpur. Money is above love. I sent him my picture via Via via Bluetooth. He was standing opposite I am in front of you. Only his eyes were above water. I am before you. He came to Delhi via Bijnor. CywVFw k ds jkLrs. Prices are going indicate the downwards down. Ram lives under the dks iwjh rjg Nw jgk gSA. Mom is sitting under letter and pillow are being fully touched the tree. Below 3.

If I say I am sitting under the tree. Money is below love. Her photograph is Underneath beneath my book. Water level is going down.

His mouth was below water but nose was above. My name is below your 2. He has gone out of Delhi. I was among 50 gks fd fdruksa ds chp esa people.

There are only 2 students out of Pen is lying between two computers. Rahul scored 90 out of Out of out of certain numbers My dad was amongst fd yksx fdrus gSa blfy. I was amongst the x. I was standing on the left.

Pen is kept on the table. I went on Sunday. I jumped onto the horse. Sunday etc On 25th Aug. I will come within 5 Within a time period minutes. There is a roof over our heads. Above without 1. I am going to school. There is a bridge over the river. Seeta is coming to our From one place to another home. We are taller than he.

I am better than you. He has come back within just 2 days. We worked throughout the night. I jumped over the rope. Throughout the day. I am nothing without Without you. I was behind Ram in the queue. He threw the stone Upwards upwards. He was outside the school premises.

He was inside and I was structure so if you are in. He threw the stone Downwards downwards. Prices are rising up. Ram had done B. What is inside the be in an enclosed structure computer? Tech 6 Ago years ago.

He came 2 years ago. He was standing next to me. Baloon is going up. He was standing outside be out of an enclosed structure the home. He was standing adjacent me. There is nobody standing behind him. I was there until Saturday. Do you eat anything else besides this? I will work till 9. I was in Delhi during time vacations. I can scold anyone except you. I just went up to Dehradun. We stayed till Monday. Seeta ran up to 5 kms. There is no one standing of bls ahead dgsaxs vkSj vki mlds ihNs.

This shop opens every day except Sunday. We can meet Sachin during During the break. I was ahead of Ram in the yksx vDlj confuse jgrs gSa fd in front of vkSj queue.

People were around me. There is a road alongside the river. The Earth is revolving around the Sun. Can you swim across the river? There was a man standing across Across the road. You will get this pen along the mobile.

Z ds pkjksa vksj? My shop is across the road. Will you come along? Demonstratives This. Articles A. These and Those are called Demonstratives. This book is mine. Determiner dh rjg As a Determiner followed by a noun: MAN Those people are mad. Its are known as determiners. Possessives His. Their parents were not present. Our books are kept on the table. My brother will not go. His friend is a teacher. Determiner dh rjg As a Determiner bl okD. These words are always followed by a noun.

Full iwjk Full glass Each izR. Quantifiers Quantifiers. Subject is Ram. Is Ram doing something? Book itself is kept. Is subject doing something? So this is also a simple sentence. In this sentence. Simple Past — bu okD. Simple Present — bu okD. Simple Future — bu okD. Second Person. Ykksx ikxy gSaA People are mad.

Sleep esjs ckjs esa flQZ crk. Category II: Am I good for you? Am I not good for you? Sentences Sentence ds izdkj mnkgj. I am good for you. FkkA Ram was a good boy. Do I not have two brothers?

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Simple Past Category I: Negative Sentences: I have two brothers. Do I have two brothers? Negative Interrogative D. I was your friend. Was I your friend? I was not your friend. Was I not your friend. Did I have two brothers? Simple Future Category I: I had two brothers. Negative Interrogative okD. FksA Simple Sentences. Translate the following sentences into English — 1.

Dlk rqEgkjs ikl eksckby gSA This is not yours. We have something. I am alive only for you. This is complete course for those people who speak waek English. I think this course increase your knowledge. This the complete course. Download and start now learning and improve your English.

Daily practice and read one by one all books. If you want to improve your English daily practice and speak with each other friends and for a few days you feel how is your improve and good English.

Adobe Reader software don't forget download because these books convert into PDF file. Must leave comments are you like this post. Posted by Unknown at 2: Anonymous August 27, at 7: AR mirza July 3, at 9: Julia Robert December 1, at 7: Anonymous January 6, at 6: Anonymous April 23, at 5: Anonymous December 24, at 2: Kishan Cosmofoundation December 25, at 9: ShariG April 8, at Zameer Ahmed May 17, at 2: Anonymous September 9, at 4:Category II: Have your food.

Ear bvj dku J1n Our is a large jOint family. Coward dkWoMZ dk. I am in love with you. U Are you talking rest now? These and Those are called Demonstratives.

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