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It would be eight years soon, since that day in the summer. When the integrity knight who gave his name as Deusolbert Synthesis Seven took away Alice, all Eugeo did was to look on. Although he held onto the Dragon Bone Axe that could even sever iron at that time, he wasn't even able to brandish it. Despite how someone right beside him Asking if he could really accept that. There shouldn't have been any other friends of his that called his name in that manner aside from Alice.

Even so, he could still recall those youthful shouts reverberating faintly, deep within his ears. Automatically counting the number of strikes in a corner of his mind, Eugeo dived deep, deep in his memory; it happened then. The sword's trajectory deviated slightly and an unpleasant recoil numbed his hands like when he made a blunder swinging the axe during his woodcutting days.

Despite how there should have been quite a distance between Eugeo in the corner of the vast practice arena and Raios's group in the exact middle, the fact that the sound was that clear would be because they were intentionally raising their voices to make him listen. He should have been fed up of listening to their sarcasm by now, but he could only consider it shameful of himself for his emotions to be swayed, even now.

Ignore them, ignore them; Eugeo tried to convince himself and was about to continue swinging his sword "Are you not curious about what meaning is there for Eugeodono to do that night after night, swinging that stick without style or finesse, Humbert? And you're as spirited as always, though only when Kirito isn't around, Raios-kun.

Since the month before last, they have stopped with the direct provocations whenever Eugeo and Kirito were together for some reason. In exchange, the scorn Eugeo received when alone increased accordingly, but it didn't seem to be because they found Eugeo easy to deal with, but because they were spooked by Kirito.

Apparently, something occurred between Kirito and them around the end of their novice trainee period, but his partner would only claim that it was merely "a slight quarrel" when he asked and of course, he couldn't ask Raios directly either.

What seemed related though, was how Raios and Humbert had strangely pale faces on when they saw Kirito give an unusual potted blue flower to Sortiliena-senpai after the graduation ceremony last month, but he had absolutely no idea about the significance behind it.

Anyway, he could get by without being hassled by them when together with Kirito, which was something he had no qualms with. However, he couldn't very well hide in the shadow of his partner forever, having become an elite swordsman-in-training now. The year's first official match was only a month away, in the middle of the sixth month. The final rankings may be decided based on just the one right before graduation, but a complete loss to Raios and his ally would only create unease in his future.

A major reversal like how the Swordswoman-in-training Sortiliena who was always 26 Sword Art Online Alicization Turning Chapter 5 Seal of the Right Eye ranked second overthrew the unmovable head, Uolo Levanteinn, in the final match was not common at allor so, Gorgolosso said in high spirits, as though it concerned him personally. The head this year, Raios, and the second-ranked, Humbert, were warriors who received special training in the High Norkia-style since they were young, just like Uolo.

Their characters were utterly unworthy of respect, but their swordsmanship would probably be a head above that of the other noble students. To be honest, even with only a month to go until the match, he could still not find that something he should put in his sword that would be capable of competing against their Mighty Sword.

But at the very least, I definitely won't lose to you guys in terms of number of sword swings. Ending his pensive thoughts and the four hundredth strike at the same time, Eugeo slowly straightened his body.

He removed a towel from his belt and first wiped clean his wooden sword. Next, he wiped off the sweat that soaked in from his forehead to his nape while taking fleeting glances behind. Raios and his cohort were practicing in the middle of the practice arena as always, apparently reviewing the forms of each other's styles.

The moment he turned back and took a breath of air, the Bell of Time Telling hung at the academy's main auditorium tower rang out the melody for 6 P. The swordsmen-in-training's dormitory left much to the students' discretion, unlike the trainees' dormitory that was full of regulations, so dinner could be taken anytime from six to eight.

Hence, a little more practice was perfectly possible, but he had to 27 Sword Art Online Alicization Turning Chapter 5 Seal of the Right Eye bring food back to the room for his partner who was hard at work studying for the tests today. Come to think of it, that Kirito didn't tell me what he wanted to eat. If there are those pickled tsubu gourds he's bad with, I'll get him an extra-large serving.

When he tucked the towel and wooden sword into his belt with those thoughts in mind and started walking towards the entryway, Raios spoke with his sword aloft, at a volume he could hear. Perhaps he doesn't know how to deal with anything except a log for an opponent? If those are his circumstances, might it be best of us to offer our guidance for a single form at least, as fellow disciples of the same dormitory?

However, Humbert then addressed him directly, so he had no choice but to reluctantly stop his steps. As Raios-dono mentioned, how about some guidance? You won't be given such a rare chance ever again. Intentionally ignoring a conversation targeted at him would be the same as an act of disrespect. In the first place, the authority to punish held by elite swordsmen-in-training could be used only on novice and advanced trainees, so Humbert couldn't order any sort of punishment onto Eugeo, but there was still the possibility of submitting a complaint to the academy's management.

As such, Eugeo thought to take his leave with the single phrase, "Don't mind me" but another idea came to mind. This might possibly be a good opportunity. Raios and Humbert were the head and second-ranked elite swordsmen-in-trainingin other words, they were the strongest and second strongest swordsmen among the students in the academy. Even Kirito said, "Don't make light of those guys" every now and then, so he had absolutely no intention of looking down on the pair's true strength.

But at the present moment, Eugeo found Raios and his comrade's usage of pride as a source of strength to be incomprehensible. Boasting about their high social status, looking down on students born in noble families below theirs or those of commoners, ridiculing them If he were to accept that, wouldn't it bemire the feelings of respect and affection towards others taught to him by his parents, Sister 29 Sword Art Online Alicization Turning Chapter 5 Seal of the Right Eye Azariya from the church, Gasupht the village chief, and lastly, his childhood friend, Alice, when he was young?

Even now, when Eugeo was openly shown looks of scorn, he did not think to neglect the minimum amount of respectaffection was a little impossible thoughfor Raios and Humbert. However, if that attitude were to feed their pride, if it were to increase the force behind their swords even further, it would be really wasted on them. That said, he didn't even have the slightest intention to choose a way of life similar to those two and scorn others What exactly was the strength born from pride? Having them offer guidance on their own accord like right now could be a chance.

Eugeo quickly considered it in his head and added on an "It seems like what that Kirito would think up of, huh" to his thoughts, before he opened his once-closed mouth. This certainly might be the only chance to do so. Then could you allow me to accept your offer and receive your guidance, please? It seems Eugeo's reaction was unexpected, but they soon curled their lips up into a faint grin.

First, Humbert spread his arms wide open and declared in a shrill voice. Now then, hurry and show us your form over there. What did you say? In exchange, suspicion of Eugeo's intentions and the cruelty a wild beast displays as it torments its prey with its claws, showed themselves.

In other words Asking for any more on your part would be impertinent of me. So, you're suggesting that you do not object to ending it only after the first strike? Those eyes, thin even under normal circumstances, narrowed even further to nearly lines, with a brutal leer focusing deep within them. It seems Eugeo's overly respectful manner of speaking had aroused his sadistic anticipation. Very well, I shall show you my sword techniques, Eugeo-dono. It was made of the same platinum oak as Eugeo's, but elaborate patterns were engraved onto the side of its blade.

With Humbert by his side acting in that manner, Raios first thought to say something to him, but perhaps thinking better of it, immediately shut his mouth. Taking slow steps backwards until he was three mel away, he nodded with a vague smile when Humbert turned to look at him. Getting more into it with the acknowledgement of his superior, Humbert hung his hands loose, pointed his sword tip straight at Eugeo who was standing upright and shouted. This is the essence of the High Norkia-style This stance was the secret move of the Norkia-style, Lightning Flash Slash.

Contradictory to his words earlier, he did not try to use the powerful High Norkiastyle Heavenly Mountain Rending Wave out of concern for Eugeo's bodyno, he probably just didn't want to use it.

That said, Lightning Flash Slash wasn't a technique that could be looked down upon. Even with the edgeless wooden sword, it would reduce a person's Life by half if struck directly on the head and cause that person to lose consciousness for a while. Of course, reducing 32 Sword Art Online Alicization Turning Chapter 5 Seal of the Right Eye someone else's Life was a major violation of the Taboo Index, but in a bout agreed on by both parties, the maximum of a single hit could be forgiven.

And there was no doubt that Humbert was aiming not to stop before contact, but to deal a full hit. The craftwork that was the wooden sword brandished by the second-rank swordsman-in-training let out a blue glow. The speed he activated the secret move with, after entering the stance was as expected of him. However, Eugeo could distinctively predict the path the sword would draw.

After all, Lightning Flash Slash was utterly identical to one of the many secret moves of the Aincrad-style swordsmanship, Vertical. Right before that, Eugeo moved his right hand as well. Pulling his wooden sword from his left waist, he activated a secret move after an instant of concentration.

He went against the opponent's sword that shot down from straight above with a slanted upward slash from below. Aincrad-style, Slant.

The many secret moves taught by Kirito were all named not in the Common Tongue, but the Sacred Tongue instead, for some reason. It seems that even Kirito himself didn't know why. He likely forgot it due to the memory loss he had when he appeared at Rulid as a Lost Child of Vector, but in that case, it was a true stroke of luck that he did not forget his sword techniques as well. Slant was a single-hit technique just like Lightning Flash Slash, but the ability to attack in two directions, from top-right to bottom33 Sword Art Online Alicization Turning Chapter 5 Seal of the Right Eye left, or from bottom-left to top-right, was its best feature.

Especially the latter, with its stance being the same as the action of drawing a sword from the waist, thus allowing a major reduction in the time required to activate it. Normally, if the opponent in a duel was spotted using a secret move, there wouldn't be enough time to receive it with another one, so one had no choice but to jump backwards or to the sides with all of one's strength to dodgethough that was rarely successful.

But the Slant that Eugeo let out late drew a pale blue streak as it violently collided with Humbert's Lightning Flash Slash in the air, causing noise and light unthinkable for a couple of wooden swords.

The blue and light blue radiance enveloping the clashing swords had yet to vanish. If either of those swords were to be pushed back a few cen, the secret move will end in that moment and that person would likely be sent flying. Eugeo put his spirit in bracing his feet, pushing the sword in his right hand to the very end. With a dull grating noise, Humbert's sword drew back by two cen. The blue gleam of the Lightning Flash Slash flickered, implying the stop of the skill.

As I thought, I'm better in terms of pure strength! It might have been within expectations, but receiving this opportunity to prove it for real gave true meaning to Eugeo. He could not hope to match the motions of nobles, refined to the extent of even 34 Sword Art Online Alicization Turning Chapter 5 Seal of the Right Eye paying attention to the angles their fingertips were at, but in just this one thing, the physical strength tempered by waving a heavy axe two thousand times day after day in the forest back home, was not something he would lose at.

Even Gorgolosso, who boasted about his steel-like body, praised Eugeo's body for being "slender, but masterly trained".

There were some among the noble students trained in the High Norkia-style who ridiculed the Valtio-style of Gorgolosso, who was born to common folk, as rural swordsmanship, but putting aside performance art which was a competition of beauty, brute strength served as a splendid weapon for duels. And along with the adaptive Aincrad-style passed on from Kirito, he could bring any situation into a simple clash of swords.

Even if he have not found something to put into his sword, with the techniques and strength polished by those two, he wouldn't lose no matter who the high ranked noble was! Embracing that conviction in his chest, Eugeo put all he had into the swing of his sword. However, it happened then.

Humbert's face, visible beyond the crossed swords, became an eerie countenance that could be described as evil. At the same time, the blue light that was nearly gone restored, tinged with shades of dusky black. This time, the violent grating was from Eugeo's wooden sword. The pressure on his right arm multiplied with a sharp pain running through his wrist and shoulder. The two cen it was pushed back by was instantly taken back and the two wooden swords clashed back where they started.

What is this power!? Barely stopping it, Eugeo opened his eyes wide. Humbert, who doesn't work up a sweat much typically and spends all his time inspecting the forms of styles, even when he comes to the practice arena, should not possess this much strength.

If this wasn't physical strength Prizing himself and looking down on others; was the power granted to his sword with that disposition, incompatible with Eugeo's values, enough to overturn days after days of training? I can't believe it. I definitely don't want to believe that the God of Creation Stacia could forgive such a way of life.

The moment he tried to deny the phenomenon happening before his own eyes, Humbert bristled his hair with a wicked expression on and murmured. What could you call pretending to get beaten before coming out with that skill without a style or anything else, but cowardly?

That's wrong! This is my school If the High Norkia-style was a school that focused on the force and form of techniques, the Aincradstyle was a practical school that focused on the basic point of landing a hit with the sword beyond anything else.

As such, it strives for speed in the activation of secret moves, even possessing consecutive hits skills that other schools do not have. In other words, the idea behind the Aincrad-style was the way of life of its one and only disciple, Kirito, itself. Unglamorous, unpretentious, a straight push on towards the goal. Not giving up even after running into a wall, challenging it again for the second time, the third time.

If he wasn't together with him, Eugeo wouldn't have reached the town of Zakkaria, let alone Centoria. That was why Eugeo vehemently objected to Humbert who concluded that the Aincrad-style was cowardly. However, the tremors in his heart influenced his sword as well, getting pushed back further. It was Eugeo's turn for the pale blue light surrounding his wooden sword to flash unsteadily. He spread his feet and arched his upper body, desperately trying to hold his position.

Humbert gave a smug smirk and whispered in a voice like that of nails scratching glass. You must be thinking of usurping either Raios-dono or me in the next official match Aincrad Any user that turned the Nerve Gear off or unlocked the clasp and took it off would be killed. That is what Kayaba had just stated.

People in the crowd started muttering, but there was no one shouting or panicking. It was either that everyone, like me, couldn't understand it yet, or refused to. Cline raised his right hand slowly and tried to grasp the headgear that would be situated there in the real world. As he did this, he let out a dry laugh and started talking.

That man, has he gone nuts? He's not making any sense. The Nerve Gear It's just a game. Destroy our brain How is he going to do that? Right Kirito? Cline stared at me hard, but I couldn't nod in agreement. The infinite signal sensors in the Nerve Gear's helmet emitted small electronic pulses to send virtual signals to the brain. They might call this the newest ultra technology, but the basic theory was the same as a certain household appliance that's been used for over 40 years in Japanthe microwave.

If there was sufficient output, it was possible that the Nerve Gear would vibrate the water particles in our brains and fry it with the heat from the friction. Because if we pull the plug on the Nerve Gear, there's no way it can emit that sort of a strong pulse.

Unless there's some form of battery with a huge storage capability What if there was a sudden power outage or something!? If any of these conditions are met, the brain destruction sequence will start.

These conditions have been made known to the government and the public through mass-media in the outside world. On that note, there have been several cases where the relatives or friends have ignored the warnings and tried to forcefully get rid of the Nerve Gear. The result' The metallic voice took a short breath here. Aincrad A long, thin scream was heard. But most of the players couldn't believe it, or refused to believe what they had been told and just stood there slack-jawed, or with a wry smile on their faces.

My head tried to reject what Kayaba had just said. But my body betrayed it and my knees started shaking violently. I stumbled back a few paces on my weak knees and managed to keep myself from falling. Cline fell on his backside; his expression lifeless. This phrase replayed over and over again in my head. If what Kayaba said was true-over people have already died up to now?

Sword Art Online

Among them, there would have been beta testers such as me. I might have even known some of their character names and avatars. These people had had their brains burnt and I don't believe it.

How would he do such a thing? Stop kidding around and let us out. We don't have time to play along to your sick opening ceremony. An opening show, right? But as if to dismiss our hopes, Kayaba's businesslike voice restarted its explanation. As of this moment, all TV, radio, and internet media are all repeatedly reporting this situation, including the fact that there have been numerous deaths.

The danger of having your Nerve Gear taken off has already all but disappeared. In a moment, using the two hours I have given, all of you will be transported to hospitals or similar institutes and be given the best treatment. So you can relax Beat the game!? You want us to play around in a situation like this!? Aincrad Then Kayaba Akihiko started announcing silently with his monotonous voice.

It is a second reality The moment that your HP reaches 0, your avatar will be gone forever, and at the same time' I could guess what he was going to say all too clearly.

I drove it down. A long horizontal line was shining at the top left corner of my vision. Hit points. My life-force. The moment it reaches zero, I will diethe electromagnetic waves will fry my brain, killing me instantaneously. This is what Kayaba had said. This is without a doubt a game, a game with your life at stake. In other words, a death game. I must have died at least times during the two months of beta testing.

I had respawned with a slightly embarrassed smile on my face in the palace at the north of the main plaza, the Black Iron Palace, and ran off into the hunting grounds again. That was what an RPG was, a sort of game where you keep dying and learning and leveling up. But now you can't? Once you die, you'll lose your life? And in additionyou can't even stop playing? Who in their right mind would go out onto the field with those conditions? Of course everyone would just stay inside the city where it was safe.

Then as if reading my, and maybe all the other players', mind, the next message was given. As I have said before, you must get to the top of Aincrad, the one hundredth floor, and defeat the final boss that resides there. All players still alive at that time will be immediately logged out of the game. I give you all my word. It was then that I realized what Kayaba had meant when he had said get to the top of this castle.

Aincrad This castlemeant the huge monstrosity that had imprisoned all of the players on the first floor with ninety nine more floors stacked on top of the others, towering into the sky while floating in it. He was talking about Aincrad itself. He got up quickly and raised a fist up to the sky. I heard that getting up was crazy hard even during the beta testing!

During the two months of beta testing, the one thousand players that had taken part had only managed to get to the sixth floor. Even if ten thousand people had dived right now, how long would it take to get through all floors? Most players who had been forced here would have been asking this answer-less question. The strained silence eventually gave way to low murmuring. But there was no sign of fear or despair.

Most people here would still be confused about whether this was a real danger or a seriously warped opening event. Everything Kayaba had said was so horrifying that it felt unreal. I craned my head back to look at the empty robe and tried to force my mind to accept this situation. I can no longer log out, ever. I can't go back to my room, my life.

Volumes finalizados

The only way that I would get them back was when somebody defeated the boss on the highest floor of this floating castle. If my HP reached zero even once during that timeI would die. I would die a real death and I would be gone forever. However much I tried to accept these as facts, it was impossible. Just five or six hours ago, I had eaten the dinner that my mom had made, shared a short conversation with my sister, then walked up the floors of my house.

Now I can't go back to all that? And this is now the real reality? Then, the red robe that had always been one step ahead of us swept its right glove and started speaking with a voice void of all emotion.

In your inventories, there will be a gift from me. Please confirm this. All the players did likewise and the plaza was filled with the ringing sound of bells.

Aincrad I pressed the item button on the menu that had just appeared and the item was there, at the top of my belongings list. The name of the itemhand mirror Why did he give us this? Even as I wondered, I tapped on the name and pressed the "make into object" button.

Immediately afterward, there was a twinkling sound effect and a small rectangular mirror appeared. I grabbed it hesitantly but nothing happened.

All that it showed was the face of the avatar that I had gone through a lot of trouble to make. I cocked my head and looked at Cline. The samurai was also looking at the mirror in his hand with a blank expression on his face.

Suddenly Cline and the avatars around us were engulfed in white light. As soon as I took this in, I was surrounded too and all I could see was white. Almost 2, 3 seconds later, the surroundings reappeared just as they had been The face in front of me wasn't the one I'd gotten used to. The armor made of metal plates sewn together, the bandana, and the spiky red hair were all the same. But the face had changed into another shape altogether.

His long, sharp eyes had become sunken and shone brighter. His delicate and high nose had become hooked, and a slight beard now appeared on his cheeks and chin. If the avatar had been a young and carefree samurai, this one was a fallen warrioror maybe a bandit.

I forgot about the situation for a moment and muttered. I raised the mirror in a rush, and the face stared back at me. Black hair that lay neatly over the head, two weak looking eyes that could be seen beneath the slightly long hair, and a delicate face that made people mistake me for a girl even now when I go out in casual clothes with my sister. Aincrad The calm face of a warrior that Kirito had had even a few seconds ago was no longer there.

The face that was in the mirror Was my actual face that I had tried so hard to escape from. We both looked at each other and shouted at the same time. Aincrad Both of our voices had changed too, perhaps the voice effectors had stopped working.

But we didn't have time to spare on things like that. The mirrors fell from our hands and hit the ground, then were destroyed with a quiet smashing sound. When I looked around again, the crowd was no longer filled with people who looked like characters from a fantasy game. A bunch of normal looking young people had now taken their place. It was like something you'd see if you gathered a bunch of people in real life at a game show venue and dressed them up in armor.

Distressingly, even the sex ratio had changed greatly. How on earth was this possible? Cline and I, and most probably all the players around us, had changed from the avatars that we'd made from nothing, to our real selves. Of course, the texture itself still seemed like a polygon model and it still felt slightly strange, but it was almost frighteningly accurate. It was as if the gear had a full body scanner on it.

So it can tell not only how our brains look, but our faces too Like how tall we are? The average height of the players, who were now looking at their own and others' faces with various expressions on their faces, had been noticeably reduced after the change. Iand most probably Cline toohad set the height to equal that of my height in the real world to prevent my extra height from hindering my movements, but most players had seemed to made themselves taller by about ten to twenty centimeters.

That wasn't all.

The actual build and the horizontal length of the players had become larger too. There was no way that the Nerve Gear would have been able to know all this. The person who answered this question was Cline. I bought the Nerve Gear just yesterday so I remember, but there was a part of the set-up Well anyway, during that bit it touched your body here and there, maybe it was that?

This was done to reproduce the sense of feel accurately within the game. So to say, it was almost as if the Nerve Gear had data about our exact figures saved inside itself. Aincrad It was possible, making all the avatars of the players an almost perfect polygon replica of themselves. The purpose of this was also almost too clear now. That this polygon avatar In order to make us believe this, he's produced a perfect copy of us Why the hell's he doing something like this?

Most probably, he'll answer that in a bit anyway. A few seconds later a voice, sounding almost solemn, sounded from the blood red sky. Is this a sort of terrorist attack? Is he doing this to ransom us?

Suddenly the word empathy passed through my mind, even though there was no way that would be true. Not only that, but now for me, there is no longer a reason or a purpose in doing this. The reason is because And now, everything has been realized. PlayersI wish you luck. The huge robe rose soundlessly, and started sinking, hood first, into the system message that covered the sky, as if melting.

Its shoulders, then its chest, then its two arms and legs merged into in the red surface, and then a final red stain spread briefly. Right afterward, the system message that had covered the sky disappeared as suddenly as it appeared. Aincrad The game had returned to its normal state, apart from the fact that a couple of rules had been changed. Thenat last.

The crowd of ten thousand players gave a proper reaction. In other words, countless voices started to resound loudly through the plaza. The hell is this? It's a joke right!? Let me out! Let me out of here! You can't! I've got to meet someone soon! I'm gonna go home! I want to go home!!!!!! And screaming. The people that had changed from game players to prisoners in a matter of minutes crouched clutching their heads, waved their arms about, grasped each other or started to swear loudly.

In the midst of all this noise, strangely my mind became cool again. This, is reality. What Kayaba Akihiko had declared was all true. If this was the case, this was all to be expected. It'd be strange not to. This genius was one side of Kayaba that made him alluringly attractive.

Now I can't return to reality for a whileperhaps a few months or maybe more than that. During this time, I can't see my mother or sister, nor talk to them. It was possible that I would never get the chance. If I died here I died in reality. The Nerve Gear, that was once a game machine, is a lock to this prison and a tool of death that will fry my brain.

I breathed slowly in, then out, and opened my mouth. We made it out of it quite quickly, maybe because we were near the edge. We entered one of the many streets that led out of the plaza in a radial pattern and I jumped into the shadow behind an unmoving carriage.

Aincrad " Cline," I called his name again. He still had a somewhat blank expression on his face. I continued talking, trying my best to sound serious.

I'm going to get out of this city and head over to the next village. Come with me. I kept talking in a low voice, forcing the words out. Only the people who can acquire the most money and experience can get stronger. You'll have to wait forever for the monsters to regenerate.

Going to the next village right now would be better. I know the way and all the dangerous spots, so I can get there, even if I'm only level one. Then a few seconds later his face scrunched up. I said before that I stood in line for ages with my friends to download this game. They would have logged in and most likely they'd be in the plaza even now. I can't I could understand all too well what Cline was trying to tell me through his nervous gaze.

Hewas bright and was easy to get along with, and he most probably took care of other people pretty well. He was most definitely hoping that I'd take all his friends with him.

But I just couldn't nod. If it was just Cline, I could get to the next village while protecting us from aggressive monsters. But if there was even two moreno, even one more person coming along it would be dangerous. If somebody died along the way, they'd die as Kayaba had announced.

The responsibility would undoubtedly fall on me, who suggested to set out from the safe Starting City and failed to protect my comrade.

To bear such a heavy burden, I could never do that. It was just simply impossible. Aincrad Cline seemed to have read all these worries that had flashed through my mind. A smile appeared on his slightly bearded cheek and he shook his head. I can't keep relying on you. I was a guild master in the game I used to play.

It'll be fine. I'll just make do with the techniques that you've taught me till now.

So don't worry about us and go to the village. Then I chose the words that would gnaw at me for two years. If anything comes up, send me a message. I waved once and turned northwestthe direction of the village that I'd use as my next base.

When I had taken about five steps, a voice called out from behind me again. You look pretty good in real life! You're quite my style! After I had run through the winding alleyways for a few minutes, I looked back again. Of course, there was nobody there.

I ignored the odd feeling of my chest being restricted and ran. I ran desperately to the northwest gate of the Starting City and then past the large plains and the deep forest, then a small village located past all thisthen past that to an endless, lonely game of survival. The hope that outside help would come had been crushed; not even a message had gotten through. I didnt see it myself, but they said that the panic and the madness that took hold of the players when they realized that they really couldnt get back was unbelievable.

There were people crying and others wailing, and some even tried to dig up the ground of the city saying that they were going to destroy this world. Of course, all buildings were non-destructible objects, so this attempt failed without any results to show for it. They say that it took days for the players to accept the situation and think of what to do afterward.

The players were split into four big groups. The first consisted of a little over half of the players; they were the ones who still wouldnt accept the conditions that Kayaba Akihiko had put forth and still waited for outside help.

I understood what they were thinking painfully well. Their real bodies would be lying on a bed or sitting on a chair fast asleep. That was reality and this situation was the fake, if there was even the smallest discovery they might be able to get outof course, the log out button was gone but there might be something that the creators of the game might have overlooked.

And outside, the company who ran the game, Agas, would be trying harder than anyone to save the playersif they could just wait, they might be able to open their eyes, have a teary reunion with their family and then return to school or work and this would all have been just something to talk about.

It wasnt really unreasonable to think like this.

I think I was hoping for the same thing deep inside. Their plan of action was to wait. They didnt take even a single step out of the city and used the money they had been allotted at the beginning of the gamethe currency was called Coll in this worldsparingly, downloading only the food they needed to get through the day and finding cheap inns to sleep in, and walked around in groups spending each day without any thought.

Thankfully the Starting City was a city that took up twenty percent of the first floor's surface and was large enough to fit a Tokyo district. So the five thousand players would have had sufficient room to live in.

Aincrad But no help was forthcoming however long they waited. On some days, the sky outside was not a crystal blue but covered with grey clouds. Their money couldnt last forever and they realized that they would have to do something. The second group consisted of about thirty percent, or three thousand players. It was a group where all the players in it worked together. The leader of it was the admin of the largest online game info site. The players who had gathered under this group were split into several groups and shared all of their gains, collected information on the game and set out to explore the labyrinth area where the stairs were.

The leaders of this group set the Black Iron Castle up as their base of operations and sent orders to their various groups. This huge group didnt have a name for quite a while, but after all the members received a uniform, somebody gave them the, somewhat grim, name The Army.

The third group was made of, at an estimate, a thousand players. It consisted of people who had wasted all their Coll but didnt want to make money by fighting monsters. As a side-note, there were two basic bodily needs that existed in SAO. One was fatigue and the other was hunger. I understood why fatigue existed. Virtual information and real information were no different to the users brains.

If players became sleepy they could go to an inn and rent a room to sleep in depending on the amount of money they had in their pockets. If one hoarded a large amount of Coll, they could download a house, but the amount of money needed wasnt small. Hunger was a need that many players thought of as strange. Although they didnt really want to imagine what was happening to their bodies in the real world, it was most probable that we were being force fed nutrients somehow.

That meant that the emptiness we felt here had nothing to do with our real bodies. But if we bought some virtual bread or meat in the game and ate it, the emptiness disappeared and we felt full. There was no way to find out how this strange mechanism worked, short of asking a professional in the field of neurology.

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So the opposite was true too; the hunger didnt disappear unless we ate something. We most probably wouldnt die if we starved, but the fact that its a need thats hard to ignore doesnt change. So the players visited the restaurants that the NPCs ran daily and ate some food there, at least data-wise.

Also, there was no need to excrete waste in the game. As to what was happening in the real world, I didnt even want to think about it.

The players who had squandered all their money in the beginning, who couldnt sleep or eat, usually joined the huge organization that I mentioned a while ago, The Army. This was because they received at least something to eat if they followed the orders from the top. But there are always those who can never cooperate with others however hard they try.

The ones who never wanted to join, or got kicked out for causing trouble, set the slums of the Starting City as their base and started thieving.

Inside the city, or the places mostly referred to as Safe Areas were protected by the system and players couldnt hurt each other. But it wasnt like that outside. The stragglers made teams with other stragglers and ambushed other playerswhich was in many ways much more profitable than hunting monstersout on the fields or the labyrinth areas. Even then, they never murdered anybodywell at least during the first year.

This group got slowly larger until they reached the aforementioned number of a thousand. The final, fourth group was, simply said, the rest. There were fifty organizations made by the people who wanted to clear the game but didnt join the huge organization.

Their number was about five hundred. We called these groups Guilds and they had a mobility that The Army lacked; and using that, they steadily grew stronger.

Then there were the very few who chose the merchant and craftsman classes. They numbered only about two, three hundred, but they created guilds of their own and started training the skills that they would need to earn the Coll they need to get by. The rest, around one hundred players, were called Solo Playersthis was the group I belonged in. They were the selfish group who had decided that acting alone would be better for strengthening themselves and simply surviving.

If one could use the information they had, they could level up quickly. After they had gained the power to fight against monsters and bandits by themselves, there was truthfully no merit in fighting with other players.

If one had the required skills, playing solo was much more effective experience pointwise than party playing. Of course, there were risks involved. To give an example, if a person was Paralyzed and if he had party members with him, theyd just cure him and thatd be that.

But if the person was playing solo, it could lead straight to death. Actually, in the very beginning, solo players had the highest fatality rate amongst all the players. Aincrad But if you had the experience and knowledge to win through all this danger, there was a much better compensation for all this risk, and the beta testers, including myself, had both of these things. With this precious information, the solo players leveled up at a fierce pace, and soon a huge gap appeared between them and the rest of the players.

After the game had calmed down a bit, most solo players got out of the first floor and used the cities in the upper levels as their bases. Inside the Black Iron Castle, where the Room of the Resurrected had been during the beta testing, there now stood a huge metal monument that hadnt even existed during beta testing. The names of all ten thousand players were carved on its surface. In addition, a line appeared on the name of the people who were dead, and it gave the time and reason of death next to it.

The first person to get the honor of having his name crossed out appeared three hours into the game. The reason of death was not losing to a monster. It was suicide. He believed in the theory that "according to the structure of the Nerve Gear, if a person is cut off from the system theyll automatically regain consciousness.


Beneath the floating castle that was Aincard, no sort of ground could be seen, however much you squinted. There was only an endless sky with several layers of white clouds. As countless players watched him, the boy got steadily smaller, leaving a long scream and finally disappearing into the clouds.

The short line was crossed mercilessly over the boys name two minutes later. The reason of death was Falling in midair. I didnt even want to imagine what he went through during those two minutes.

There was no way of knowing if he had returned to the real world oras Kayaba had saidhad had his brain fried. But, most people believed that if there was such a simple way of escaping the game, the people outside would have already pulled the plugs and saved us. But there were still some who gave in to this easy way of dealing with things.

Most people, including me, found it hard to take the Death in SAO in as reality. That had still not changed. The phenomenon of the HP bar reaching zero and the polygons that consisted our bodies being destroyed was too much like the Game Over that we were all too familiar with.

It was probable that the only way to understand the real meaning of death in SAO would be to experience it yourself.

This shaky truth would have been the reason that the decrease in players slowed. On the other hand, a lot of the players who were part of The Army, especially the ones who had first belonged to the first group, started losing their lives while trying to clear the game and fighting monsters.

Fights in SAO needed a bit of getting used to. It was less like trying to force yourself to move but entrusting your movements to the system. Aincrad For example, even for a simple uppercut with a one-handed sword, if the player learned the One-handed Sword Skill and then equipped Uppercut from the list, they would only need to assume the starting motion; then the system would almost automatically move their body for them.

But if someone without the skill tried to copy the movements, it would be too slow and weak to use in actual combat. It was like inputting commands in a fighting game. The people who didnt adjust to this just swung their swords around and even lost to the boars and wolves that they would have been able to beat if they used the single strike skills that they had on as default.

Even then, if they just gave up and ran away after losing some of their HP, they wouldnt have died but Unlike the attacks of 2D monsters that we see through a monitor screen, the battles in SAO were so real that you feel afraid.

It was as if a real monster was baring its teeth at you and giving chase with the intention of killing you. Even during the beta testing, there were some people who panicked in the middle of a fight, but now death awaited you if you lost.

The panic-stricken players forgot about using their skills and even running away; their HP disappeared and they were expelled from this world forever. Suicide, losing to monsters. Alice grasped the bandage tied to her head and tore it off. She slowly opened the eye that had been closed for nearly half a year from that day.

Red light radially flooded her black vision and became a flickering flame. It created a double image with her left eye that captured the scene of endless burning homes, which dislocated and slowly disappeared— finally combining together.

Alice looked with both eyes at the black fabric in her left hand. This eyepatch that had been repeatedly washed and was slowly losing color was something Kirito had made by tearing a strip off of his own clothes. This piece of cloth that had protected the right eye that had been blown away along with the seal for several months, had reached the end of its Life; it began to slowly disappear from end to end as though it were melting in the air.

Gazing at that ethereal yet beautiful sight, Alice realized it. In this half year, she had originally planned to protect and take care of Kirito, who had lost his right arm and spirit. But the one protected was herself. I believe, from today on there will be all kind of confusion, frustration, and mistakes… but I will forge ahead. For you and for what I desire. Her two eyes fixed ahead of her saw nearly a hundred Goblins and Orcs, screaming and shrieking as one, swarming into the square. Alice, who had to confront the enemy alone, felt not the slightest bit of fear in her heart.

As long as I am here, the blood and massacre that you desire will not be realized!! Now return through the cave from whence you came! Immediately after, the tall orc in the middle of the formation who seemed to be the generals, swung its axe and let out a savage roar.

Even though it had not generated enough Thermal Elements to breathe out, but the mere sight of a flying dragon and a thunderous roar enough to scare the demihumans flew menacingly over their heads. The troops, frightened by this, wavered even more than before. With a clear metallic sound, the golden blade split into countless small blades, dancing in the night sky as they reflected the fire.

The first one to be engulfed in a mist of blood was the self-proclaimed Orc general. His entire body was permeated by several bursts of flowers, wasting his entire Life away in an instant; he fell back onto the ground with a trembling crash. The surrounding Orcs screamed endlessly and keeled over.

With another name of , it could split into hundreds of flower petals through the Armament Full Control Art, with each petal having enough power to go against a famous sword forged by a blacksmith.

It was certainly not stoppable by crude cast-iron armor. The main invading force that had lost its general in an instant was significantly less enthusiastic. The advancing vanguard slowed immediately and stopped within 10 Mel of the entrance to the square. As the goblins at the very front were confused and unable to decide between desire and fear, Alice fiercely swung the sword hilt in her right hand.

Hundreds of flower petals flew into the air softly and formed a finely patterned wall between Alice and the enemy. Choose— will you march forward and surrender under a sea of blood, or will you turn around and run back to the Land of Darkness!

Alice put her hand to her forehead, watching the faraway wheat fields, besides which rose Rulid Village.

A week had passed since the attack by the Forces of Darkness. Extending from the northern homes, almost one fifth of the village had burnt down, but the village chief decided for everyone to temporarily pause their Sacred Tasks and change to manual labor, so reconstruction was proceeding very quickly.

Unfortunately, twenty one villagers had lost their lives because they were too slow during evacuation; a funeral had been held at the Church three days ago.

After Alice was invited to a ceremony, she immediately rode her dragon towards the Cave of the North to confirm. Within its depths, at the part nearest to the Dark Territory, Alice found evidence that there had been a long-term camp there. The invaders could not have cleared the cave in one night. Apparently troops had been sent from the Dark Territory and then their pathway exploded behind them. When Integrity Knight Eldrie was checking that entrance, there were already goblins that had infiltrated the cave and began to clear the path.

Before, neither goblins nor orcs would have scheme such a plan so thoroughly. Just from this incident it could be determined that this time, the invasion from the Dark Side was not just a scouting mission like before.

Once Alice left the cave, she did not immediately collapse the cave, but temporarily blocked the stream flowing out of the center of what used to be the White Dragon Nest, flooding the entire cave.

Lastly, she released numerous Cryogenic Elements that she had set up, and used ice instead of rock to seal the cave. This way, if neither Alice nor a Thermal Element user of the same caliber could melt the ice, there would be no way anyone could pass through that cave again. I always felt that he had been preoccupied since this morning.

Father is… really happy that nee-sama has returned. I think, then, I can definitely say it. That day will definitely come. She raised her head and firmly wiped away her tears with the sleeve of her monastic robes.

She had considering leaving Kirito at the village with Selka. But Alice still decided to take him with her. On the night of the attack one week ago, Kirito had definitely wanted to take up his sword and enter the village. It was his nature to fight for others. Then, the only thing that could bring back his heart was probably the battle to protect the Human World.

If there is a change, even if she had to tie him to her back, she would protect him to the death. Alice tightly hugged Selka for the last time. Be careful… Definitely come back, Nee-sama. Nodding deeply to her sister on the ground, she turned her eyes towards the faraway blue sky. Gently casting away the rope, the dragon ran with tremendous force in the wheat field, oblivious to the weight of the two people and three swords on its back.

There will definitely be a day when she would return to this village. Even if she wasted away on the battlefield, her heart would remain the same. Amayori rode the rising air current, twisting into the sky. The wide land and forests, with Rulid Village shining in their center, and the figure of Selka who was running and waving with all her might; she engraved them deeply into her eyes— Alice turned the head of the dragon towards the eastern sky.

Chapter Attack on the Ocean Turtle — July 1 Even the self-proclaimed super genius Higa Takeru was unable to predict all that had happened in the past two hours.

But, the current situation could be called extremely startling, and could only be described as dumbfounding. Unexpectedly, a delicate young woman of roughly eighteen or nineteen used her thin right hand to seize and hoist up the collar of a man fifteen centimeters taller than herself. The tasteless Hawaiian shirt was gripped so tightly it was nearly torn apart; heels of sandals floated in the air.

I will take responsibility: I will make sure Kirito-kun recovers. Finally, Asuna wordlessly released her right hand. Kikuoka, having been freed, let out a long sigh with an almost dispirited expression. Asuna stepped back, swaying on the spot. Rinko gently wiped them away with the tip of her finger.

The sound of the sliding door being opened tightened the slightly relaxed atmosphere again. Running into the room was Lieutenant Nakanishi. Complete sealing of blast doors one and two, plus completion of evacuating noncombatants are confirmed!

How long can the blast doors hold? Even using tip saws or similar tools to cut through it would take at least eight hours. But he immediately raised his head and surveyed the slightly small Auxiliary Control Room.

Nakanishi, report of casualties. Civilian research team, three lightly injured, in treatment at the bow infirmary. Our combatants, two heavily injured, two lightly injured, all in treatment with no risk of death. Ready for combat, six, including two lightly injured. The passageway from the dock to the Main Control Room is the same, but these are just negligible damages.

And its belly has been bitten by a shark. Zones One through Twelve of the Lower Shaft and the bottom dock have been completely taken. Striking us with a cruise missile or torpedo would do. That begs the question: who are they… Higa-kun, what do you think? Although the video window he opened was dark and indistinct, he paused at a random place and adjusted the brightness and contrast.

What appeared were a number of figures in combat suits, sprinting forward in a passageway inside the ship. Their faces were half covered by helmets with multi-function visors, and they wielded serious-looking assault rifles.

How pleasing. Emitting a sharp aura from his calm eyes usually squinted, he looked up to the monitor. After their assault from the bottom dock, they immediately ran to the Main Control Room. It seems that Command has classified us as hostages.

But, all hands have retreated back here in an evacuation! The Nagato pulled away from the Ocean Turtle at eight in the morning, about six hours before that bunch broke in. This is bad… If there are experts on the other side as well, they might find out.

He, Kirigaya Kazuto, had been playing an important role since the beginning of Project Alicization, and drove the direction of the project even more so today.

Please say it, the true situation. The image of the attackers disappeared and another window was opened. What appeared was an irregularly flashing colorful stereoscopic image. Fortunately, he has managed to stay alive, but a portion of his brain… Specifically, his Fluctlight network, has been damaged.

Although treatment would be difficult with current medical methods, there might be a chance of recovery if STL technology is used. He was not used at all to this kind of long explanation. If his Fluctlight cannot move around as though it were in the real world, the treatment would have no results. Kirito-kun has been placed into the Underworld under his current real-world condition of Kirigaya Kazuto. How many months… inside…? Kiku-san, he was planning to request you to protect all of the Fluctlights.

Since the Fluctlights belonging to the Church possess absolute status value, Kirito-kun, who was set as a common person, had no way to fight them. Originally, shortly after he breaks into the Church, he would [Die], and log out of the Underworld… But he did it.

Being attacked, we could not confirm detailed information from the logs, but we assume that he recruited some people, who of course are artificial Fluctlights… that is, the help of partners. In the fight against the Church, those partners nearly all died, and as a result, when he successfully opened a connection to here, he felt deep guilt. It can be said that he attacked his own Fluctlight. In that instant, those black-clothed people cut the power line, creating a short-circuit that instantly spiked the STL output.

What do you mean? Near the center of the irregularly flashing spectrum-colored cloud, a small puff of darkness like a dark nebula was cradled. The general mapping, however, has been completed. This black hole, what was originally in here, simply put, is the [Subject] …Self-Image. Similarly, virtually no decisions can be made and no movements can be undertaken if they do not pass through this circuit. But, because the vital circuit has lost its function, no matter if it is processing external input, or outputting voluntary actions, it cannot be done.

For example, eating, sleeping, and related tasks. A member of the assault team, Vassago Casals, seemed unsatisfied with denting the wall two or three times, and forcefully crushed with his foot an empty candy box that a RATH technician had probably left tens of minutes ago, before finally stopping his stream of profanity.

As proof of the Spanish blood coursing through his veins, he ran a hand through his slightly wavy black hair, moved briskly to the console and seized the collar of the bulletproof jacket of his teammate with one hand. His golden hair was trimmed very short, and his skin was snowy white as though ill. This man who wore a pair of rough metal-framed glasses was the only non-combatant in the team.

A self-proclaimed internet criminal with an arrest record, with an internet name instead of a real name. But Vassago was the same. There were no parents on Earth who would name their son that.

Although he was a man with a suspicious record lesser than that of Critter, his VR combat skills were quite outstanding. Got it? If he tried hard enough, with his wild flair, he was handsome enough to be a successful fashion model, but he was quite frightening when enraged. Capturing the right timing, Gabriel snapped his fingers at the two men to attract their attention.

Now we need to think about our next step. To Gabriel, these kinds of ambiguous human relationships only based on emotions, such as friends orpartners, were only convoluted synonyms.

Our final objective, the Light Cube Cluster or whatever, is on the other side of this metal wall, right? Behind wind goggle-like glasses, his light gray eyes narrowed. From infiltration to now, 40 minutes have passed. The next objective should be securing the Auxiliary Control Room… Brigg, can you cut through the blast door?

Seems to be the newest synthetic material. Hans, can you breach the wall with C4? We already have the ID information of the Cube. After he obtained those, he planned to use the nerve agent he had secretly brought in to take care of everyone else, and then escape to Australia. But, given that the motivation to an organization and disclose its information could only be a handsome reward, he likely would not reveal himself in this dangerous situation and take action.

In other words, they could not expect assistance from Rabbit, on the other side of the blast door.As a rule, the edges of each floor in Aincrad were usually open to the sky, apart from the support pillars. This, is my true punishment. If these things are attempted Hewas bright and was easy to get along with, and he most probably took care of other people pretty well. Hahahanot like that. Humbert's face, visible beyond the crossed swords, became an eerie countenance that could be described as evil.

Magic which was considered to be an indispensable part of fantasy MMORPGs had been boldly cut out and an almost endless number of skills called Sword Skills were made.

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