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BOOK: Professional K2 blackpearl ISBN: - This is the forum to from your favorite retailer; Download the code for Professional K2 blackpearl. Well exactly the book Free Professional K2 blackpearl PDF Download of course very interesting and ceritannya will not make you bored when reading it. K2 blackpearl and the K2 platform is a large, powerful, "game-changing" application platform built on Microsoft technologies. Since this is the first book on K2 blackpearl, you will find a broad range of topics in . Table of contents; Downloads.

System or system-only workflows do increase business efficiency, and the data captured can be used by someone to make better decisions about the business. More common than system workflows is the need to capture human-system interactions, where an action taken by a user creates an instance of a workflow, which in turn creates tasks for other users and records data for reports and other business systems.

K2 and the K2 Platform K2 blackpearl, the core of the K2 platform, enables businesses to build process-driven applications that improve business efficiency. Started in in South Africa, the first version of K2 was a visionary product that enabled businesses to leverage information and resources for increasing business efficiencies and making better decisions about the business.

Along with an extensive API to extend the platform, K2. Those familiar with K2.

While powerful, this model also led to longer development times and greater maintenance of the application once deployed to production. K2 blackpearl, released in , addressed many of these concerns and extended the vision of enabling business to be more efficient and make better decisions. We feel like we accomplished all of that and that it is a unique product in the industry.

The declarative model, based on WF constructs, allows more flexibility and power when designing the process, while at the same time reducing the amount of custom code required. While modifying the workflow activities and code behind the WF constructs is supported and is similar to what you find in K2. Custom reports can also be imported into the K2 reporting environment following deployment to the SQL Server Reporting Services server.

More details of the reporting features are covered in Chapter Data is stored in the process and can be managed in a similar manner to the way that it was managed in K2.

However, K2 blackpearl includes new data-handling features that allow the important data to be abstracted from the process and, if it is data from a LOB system, to remain in the LOB system. This is useful in many scenarios, including reporting, process management, process design, and providing access to process data to other applications or LOB systems.

The key features that enable these scenarios are SmartObjects and SmartObject Services, details of which are covered in Chapter 7. Anatomy of the K2 Platform While those three key features give you a high-level overview of what K2 blackpearl offers, there are other important concepts to understand about the K2 platform.

At the heart of K2 is the server, sometimes referred to as the Host Server, which hosts not only the. More detail of these servers and services is covered in Chapter 5. Chief among these servers and services are the Workflow server, the SmartObject server, the core servers such as the Dependency server and the User Role server, and the Communication and Discovery services. The Host Server allows all hosted servers and services to communicate using a common framework for sharing data, user credentials, and Single Sign-On SSO security tokens.

This common framework also provides a mechanism for discovering other Host Servers on the network. You can also develop custom servers and services to extend the platform. This modular, extensible, pluggable, and scalable design of the K2 platform enables partners and customers to customize and tailor the K2 installation to meet almost any network architecture or security requirements.

Moreover, since the core features of the server are built on the common Microsoft framework of Windows server technologies and. With a distributed topology, the platform is capable of handling an enterprise-class level of processes on a daily basis.

The robustness of this aspect of the K2 platform not only allows LOB information to be used in processes but also enables that LOB information to be updated according to business rules and back-end data constraints, which are controlled by the data engine.

The same engine also allows snapshots of the data to be captured for compliance or reporting purposes.

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Enabling business owners to model, design, and improve their own processes may require some support from the administrators of the technology itself, but it is a vast improvement upon the sometimes antagonistic relationship that business owners have with the owners of the technology development and management staff. The K2 platform is built on proven technologies and is a reliable, secure platform to build on and extend.

Even the most demanding environments can employ K2 to automate and optimize their business processes, and tailor the platform to meet the current and future needs of the business. For many companies, the decision to write workflow applications using the. After all, the K2 blackpearl server is just a host for the. There are some scenarios where building custom WF applications is the right choice.

Even SharePoint Designer has the ability to create custom workflows in SharePoint that offer some advanced functionality. WF is a technology that you could use to build the software yourself and by releasing it as part of the. NET Framework Microsoft has essentially made the build argument stronger. But we also made WF available for independent software vendors ISVs who are building the products you might otherwise consider.

The K2 blackpearl platform provides many simple and advanced features that you can start using right away. Process - Driven Applications, Today and Tomorrow By now, you should have a good idea of how workflow and BPM fit together, the basic technical underpinnings of the K2 platform, and a general idea of how businesses can benefit from process automation.

In subsequent chapters, you will learn how to identify and build processes that transform your business. For the purposes of this discussion, it is necessary to identify where BPM is today and look forward to where it is going.

Professional K2 Blackpearl

To the end user involved at a particular step in a process, it may look very much like a traditional application, such as a Web page, a form in InfoPath, or even an instant message that reminds them they have work to do. As such, a process-driven application can act and look like one or more standard applications. What sets a process-driven application apart from other applications is that it is aware of business rules and the next step in the process. For example, a user may create a Word document in a SharePoint library and fill in some data about that document but have no idea that the information contained within that document, coupled with the data they filled in about that document, allows the process engine 9 c Process-driven applications can be very dynamic in this way, but of course, that depends on how they were originally designed.

K2 blackpearl provides all of the components to build simple to very complex and dynamic processdriven applications. It also provides the tools for business owners to see where an instance of a process is at any given time and to generate a report of all instances of a single process; all instances of multiple processes for a given department, user, or time of day; or all instances of every process in the organization.

Based on that report, instances can be redirected to another user or delegated to a group of users depending on the business need.

If the design of a process needs to be updated based on changes in the business, those changes can be made to the process. Realizing this vision of operational efficiency and agility is the future of business. BPM and processdriven applications is the road to that future. We contend that it is a future that requires the use of technology, simply because managing business processes and getting the level of transparency that is necessary to make sound business decisions can only be enabled by technology, even in small companies.

The following is a broad sketch of the landscape of the future of process-driven applications. If you are an administrators, focus on Parts II and IV, but also take a look at the other chapters to gain an understanding of how your users will be using K2. K2 blackpearl is the main subject of this book, although we devote an entire chapter, Chapter 23, to the add-on product K2 connect to give you an understanding of how to bring SAP data into your processes.

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We also talk a bit about K2 blackpoint, particularly in the SharePoint chapters. Since K2 blackpoint is built on the K2 blackpearl foundation, many of the same concepts apply to that product as well, but we do not point out the differences between K2 blackpearl and K2 blackpoint.

For that information browse to " www.

If you are working on a team, each member of the team may find one part more interesting to them than the other sections; that is expected and is how we designed the book. Part I, "Introduction to K2 blackpearl and Process-Driven Applications" The first four chapters discuss what K2 blackpearl is, how the applications you can design may or may not fit the business process management BPM model, how to go about identifying and designing processes, and last how to measure results and shift the culture of your company to a more process-oriented business.

Part III, "K2 blackpearl Process Planning and Design Essentials" Chapters 7 through 14 give you a ton of information about how to design, build, extend, and generally work with the main pieces of the platform.

From a step-by-step tutorial on building your first process to how to share processes across the different K2 Designers, you'll learn all of what you need to really get ramped up. Pay particular attention to Chapters 8 and 11, which cover the basic things you need to know about process planning and the various concepts of process design with K2 blackpearl and then provide an in-depth view of the available forms technologies that you can use for user interaction with your processes.

If you are particularly interested in SharePoint, make sure to read Chapters 12 and Part IV, "Administration of K2 blackpearl" Chapters 15 through 20 offer an administrator's view into the platform.

Things like disaster recovery, logging, security, and using the K2 Workspace for notifications, reports, assigning process permissions, and recovering from errors are all key aspects of the platform that you or someone in your company will have to understand. This section gives you everything you need to know and probably more, including how to build your own user manager to plug into the K2 platform.

Part V, "Advanced K2 blackpearl Concepts and Platform Extensions" The last part includes Chapters 21 through 23, and these chapters are there to round out the discussion of the platform.

You'll find information about using the Event Bus to surface outside events to the K2 server and a discussion of tailoring the platform and your processes to your particular needs by going beyond the default settings of the components that you learned about in Chapter 8.Youll then gain an administrators view into the software including all key aspects that you should know.

Transforming a business to operate more efficiently and enabling better decision making are the key goals of this book.

Professional K2 blackpearl ebook download

NET 3. At the time of this writing, the Host Server can load only servers and services signed by SourceCode Technology Holdings. Process-driven applications can be very dynamic in this way, but of course, that depends on how they were originally designed.

Anatomy of the K2 Platform While those three key features give you a high-level overview of what K2 blackpearl offers, there are other important concepts to understand about the K2 platform.

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