fruchbabefonbei.cf The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to. Agus Hariono. Answer key Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL fruchbabefonbei.cf Uploaded by. Hugo Barbosa Lemos. TOEFL PBT book. Uploaded by. aqua_ With Key Longman COMPLETE COURSE or the TOEFL TEST PREPARATION FOR THE COMPUTER AND PAPER TESTS DEBORAH PHILLIPS TOEFL®' Is.

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C She finished the assignm ent even though it was difficult. D She gave the man a signal. A She said some terrible things. A The woman is more than a week late. B She didnt say anything nice. B The children would have wrecked the C She didn't have any nice things. D She said really wonderful things. C The woman was so late that she was a wreck. A New employees are rarely initiated D Hes glad that she was not any later.

B New workers dont generally A He had not gone to the store. B He was still at the market. C New employees are initially rated. C He was going to take care of the D Its rare for employees to make new shopping. D He always went to the market.


After each conversation, you will hear several questions. After you hear a question, read the four possible answers in your test book and choose the best answer. Remember, you are not allowed to take notes or write in your test book. A She's a senior. A In a book. B Shes a junior. B From a television program. C Shes a transfer student. C During a trip that she took. D Shes a graduate student. D From a lecture. A How to transfer to a junior college.

A To communicate with other dolphins.

B How to find his way around campus. B To recognize objects in the water. C The course requirements for a C To learn human language.

D To express fear. D Who won the campus election. A Five.

Longman : Complete Course for the TOEFL Test

A Three. B Fifteen. B Five. C Fifty. C Eight. D Five hundred. D Ten. A It is limited. A American literature. B It is greater than human intelligence. B World literature. C It is less than previously thought. C Literary analysis. D We are beginning to learn how m uch D Surveying. However, all exam ples and test questions are provided by P earson E ducation, Inc.

After each talk, you will hear some questions. The talks and questions will not be repeated. After you hear a question, you will read the four possible answers in your test book and choose the best answer. Here is an exam ple. On the recording, you w ill hear: narrator Listen to an instructor talk to his class about painting.

Wood began drawing anim als on the family farm at the age o f three, and when he was thirty-eight one o f his paintings received a remarkable am ount o f public notice and acclaim. This painting, called American Gothic," is a starkly simple depiction o f a serious couple staring directly o u t at the viewer. Now listen to a sample question. Sam ple Answer narrator What style o f painting is known as American regionalist?

A 9 In your test book, you w ill read: A Art from Americas inner cities. B Art from the central region of the U. C Art from various urban areas in the U. D Art from rural sections of America. The best answer to the question, "What style of painting is known as American regionalist? Now listen to another sample question. Sam ple Answer narrator W hat is the name o f Wood's m ost successful painting? A In your test book, you w ill read: A ' "American Regionalist.

B "The Family Farm in Iowa. D "A Serious Couple. The best answer to the question, "What is the name of Wood's most successful painting? American Gothic. Therefore, the correct choice is C. Remember, you are n ot allowed to take notes or write in your test book. A To protect its members. A To the tennis courts. B To save the natural environment.

B To the arena. C To honor the memory o f John Muir.

C To the gymnasium. A Go to the Art Center. A For less than a year. B Sign up for sports classes. B Only for a decade.

C Visit the exercise room. C For more than a century. D Watch a football game. D For at least two centuries. A Science. A San Francisco. B Art.

B All fifty states. C Literature. C The Sierra Nevadas. D Music. D The eastern U. A They are completely different. A All over the world. C Only in California. D They are unrelated.

A Students signing up for athletic teams. A Objective. B Students going on a tour of a B Idealistic. C Philosophical.

C Students playing various sports. D Environmental. D Students attending a university dedication ceremony. A Heredity. B Environment. A Membership on an athletic team. C Idealism. B Enrollment in an exercise class. D Natural laws. C A valid student identification card.

D Permission from a faculty member.

This is the end of the Listening Comprehension Pre-Test. Turn off the recording. Be fam iliar w ith th e d irection s. The directions on every TOEFL test are the same, so it is not necessary to listen carefully to them each time.


You should be completely familiar with the directions before the day of the test. Listen carefully to th e con versation s and talk s. You should concentrate fully on what the speakers are saying in the recording program, because you will hear it one time only.

Know w h er e th e e a sier and m ore difficult q u estio n s are generally found. Within each part of the Listening Comprehension section, the questions generally progress from easy to difficult. N e v er leave any answ ers blank on your an sw er sh e e t. Even if you are unsure of the correct response, you should answer each question. There is no penalty for guessing. U s e any rem aining tim e to look ahead at th e an sw ers to th e q u estio n s th a t follow.

When you finish with one question, you may have time to look ahead at the answers to the next question.

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Exam ple On the recording, you hear: man I've always wanted to visit Hawaii w ith you. In your test book, you read: A Next month isn't a good time for the trip. B She doesnt want to go to Hawaii. C She suggests taking the trip next month.

D Shes curious about why he doesn't want to go. The answer to the question is generally found in the second line. Think of possible restatements. Listen for these structures and expressions: structures passives, negatives, wishes, conditions functional expressions agreement, uncertainty, suggestion, surprise idiomatic expressions two-part verbs, three-part verbs, idioms 4.

K eep in m ind th a t th e s e q u e stio n s gen erally progress from easy to difficult. This means that questions I through S will be the easiest, and questions 26 through 30 will be the hardest. Remember to answer each question even if you are not sure of the correct response.

Never leave any answers blank. If you only understood a few words or ideas in the second line, choose the answer that contains a restatement of those words or ideas. If you did not understand anything at all in the second line of the conversation, choose the answer that sounds the most different from what you heard. Never choose an answer because it sounds like what you heard in the conversation. Exam ple On the recording, you hear: man Billy really made a big m istake this time.

In your test book, you read: A It was the first time he made a mistake. B He forgot to write his paper. C He turned in the paper in the wrong place. D He didnt remember to submit his assignment. The second line of the conversation probably contains the answer to the question. Listen to the first line of the conversation. If you understand it, thats good. If you dont understand it, dont worry because it probably does not contain the'answer.

C She d o esn t like todays m atinee. Anthony pay the fine she Earth's surface, today one half of the rain forests are D yet it yields was charged for voting in a presidential election in gone.

TOEFL LONGMAN Paper Test for TOEFL Test.pdf

A once covered B the suffragist C coverage at once n. Anyone who has ever skied down a mountain have felt the dual forces of gravity A B C Most castles in the Middle Ages had water-filled moats and others means of ma and friction. A B C D protection, such as drawbridges, high stone walls, and battle towers. The ordinary short bow was first used 8, years earlier the English long bow. Some of the most extensive deposits of taconite, a low-grade iron ore, is located in Insects are an important part of the diet of every hummingbirds.

The natural immunity that a person gains by having chicken pox when still child is D A B C Cosmos, zinnias, asters, and bachelor's buttons all linger longer than other summer rus apparently very long-lasting in virtually all cases. A D floral, making them ideal for summer bouquets. From the perspective of an observer on the ground, distant images will appear times. A B C D projected on the sky if there were an inversion of cool, dense air over a hot air Nearly four billion years ago, the atmospheric conditions on both Earth and Venus A B mass.

Terns and gulls prefer living on sandy beaches, while ducks and gooses opt for Rain forests help renew ours atmosphere by converting most of the world's carbon A B C D A B C living on muddy shores or in salt marshes. Afraid civilians usually flee war-torn cities seeking refuge in more peaceful areas. The Himalayas, a mountain range that is still growing slowly, were formed the a mammal, walks on webbed feet, and eats with a bill shaped like a duck's.

The refraction of light waves cause a pencil which is placed in water D A B The internal pressure of the Earth's molten core forced landmasses to break to appear bent.

A B C D apart into separate continents billions of years ago, before the Earth's crust has "w A Heredity. B Tim was there only for a m om ent. B Five. B To recognize objects in the water.

B The directions were given to Betty in C He has already done the paper for a letter. A American literature. B Art from the central region of the U.

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