Java Server Faces or JSF: It is a java based web application framework to Top 14 JSF Interview Questions & Answers . Download PDF. JSF Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced. JSF 2 Interview Questions. JSF Primefaces Interview Questions and Answers. JSF Bean, Life Cycle, tags. + Javaserver Faces (jsf) Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is JSF (or JavaServer Faces)? Question2: What are the advantages of JSF?.

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JSF interview questions: JSF (Java Server Faces) is a Posted in Interview Questions, tag libraries. Download JSF Interview Questions PDF. JavaServer Faces Interview Questions. Previous | 1 2 3 |Next . 1. A typical JSF application consists of the following parts: JavaBeans components for. This section has a good collection of JSF Interview Questions and fruchbabefonbei.cf are more than 25 questions with answers which will help you to prepare for job.

List the benefits of Expression Language? Arithmetic, logical, relational operations can be used in expression language. Automatic type conversion. Shows missing values as empty strings instead of NullPointerException.

Provides easy access to predefined objects such as request. What is a backing bean? A JavaServer Faces application includes one or more backing beans, each of which is a type of managed bean that can be associated with the components used in a particular page.

JSF Interview Questions

What are standard JSF tag libraries? Mention some of the functions that the backing bean method performs? Primefaces: JSF components with Ajax framework. Explain JSF architecture? The Model VIew Controller separates the business logic from presentation.

The JSF application contains UI components represented as stateful objects on the server Server-side helper classes Validators, event handlers, and navigation handlers Application configuration resource file for configuring application resources JavaBeans components as models containing application-specific functionality and data A custom tag library for representing event handlers and validators A custom tag library for rendering UI components Below image shows the JSF applications architecture diagram.

How different components are rendered in JSF page?

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JSF components are rendered in the xhtml pages by the tag libraries included, such as JSF core, html and facelets tag libraries. Can the JSF support multiple faces configuration files? Yes, any number of faces configuration files can be used but should be declared in the web.

Backing Beans should be defined in request scope whereas managed bean can be defined in request,session or application scopes. Backing bean is referenced by a form whereas a managed bean is registered with JSF and created automatically when needed. How to display error messages in JSF? The h:messages tag shows all the error messages at one place corresponding to UI elements.

What is the significance of selectOne menu tag in JSF? The selectOne enables users to select a single value from the list of values. This component can be rendered as a list box, a set of radio buttons or a menu. Explain immediate and rendered attributes?

The immediate attribute if set to true can force validations, events and conversions processed during request phase of the lifecycle. In other words the value entered in the field does not even reach the model when the button is clicked but immediately processed in the above scenario.

The rendered attribute indicates whether a component should be rendered or not in the view page. Rendered attribute can use arithmetic operators and literals with rvalue expression but not lvalue expressions.

Mention two ways of binding supported by JSF? There are two configuration files namely; web.

This contains the faces config file responsible for handling the application. The rules provided by JSF Framework to describe the view to be shown when a button or link is clicked is called a navigation rule. What is the role of JSF converter tags? For example, these tags can convert a text into date object and can validate the format of input as well.

List the benefits of data table tags in JSF? What is a class student? What is the purpose of the facelets tag? Name several facelets tags. What are the different types of validation used in JSF? What is the difference between instant and deferred expressions?

Explain the difference between value expression and method expression. What are some ways to declare a class a managed JSF bean? How are the name and eager attributes used in Managed Bean?

JavaServer Faces (JSF) Interview Questions & Answers

What tags for validation exist in JSF? What are the benefits of using the JSF Framework?

What different JSF tags are used for conversion? List the benefits of using an expression language? Explain the name backing bean. What standard JSF tag libraries do you know? What are the main functions of the method in backing bean? Explain the JSF architecture. How are the various components rendered on the JSF page?

Can JSF contain multiple configuration files? What is the difference between backing bean and managed bean?

How to display error messages in JSF? Explain the purpose of the selectOne menu tag in JSF.

Explain the difference between the attributes immediate and rendered? What are two ways to bind JSF supported?

What is the minimum configuration required for a JSF application? What does navigation rule mean in JSF?

Tell us about the purpose of the converter tags in JSF.In a real-world scenario, several pages may need to share the same backing bean behind the scenes.

How can we get the generated event?

JSF Interview Questions And Answers

Request scope is the default scope. Java Grails Interview Questions. J2EE Interview Questions. JSF implementation provide us serval scope for a bean.

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